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Buffalo Nickel Money Clip Wallet


Leather Travel Purse


Small Leather Purse


Leather Chain Wallet for Bikers

Buffalo Nickel Wallet - Made in USA
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Leather Bifold Wallet with Buffalo Nickel


Women’s Slim Leather Wallet


Cowboy Leather Wallet


Dakota Buffalo Leather Purse


Handmade Leather Checkbook Cover with Buffalo Nickel


Bison Leather Purse with Buffalo Nickel


Bisonette Buffalo Leather Purse


Jr Legal Pad Cover – Holds 5×7 Legal Pad


KW Buffalo Leather Purse – Crossbody Purse


Leather Legal Pad Portfolio Holder – 8.5 x 11


Worthington Leather Purse


Leather Coin Purse

Buffalo Leather Catchall - Made in America - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Buffalo Leather Catchall

Leather Pocket Knife Case - Made In America - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Leather Pocket Knife Case


Buffalo Nickel Collection

This collection is a set of handmade American Bison leather goods that showcase a genuine Buffalo Nickel on front. On some products the nickel is decorative and others it is a functional snap. We feature this nickel on many of our wallets, purses, coin cases and more. If you’re a fan of coin collecting, or the American Bison, this collection is for you. All of the items in this collection showcase the native American Bison, are Made in USA, and built to last!

History of the Buffalo Nickel

The nickel was minted between 1913 to 1938 and designed by James Earle Fraser. This nickel is significant in American History because it was the first coin that featured a different animal than the Eagle. Today, the American Bison has risen to a place of prominence and has been recognized as the National Mammal of the USA.