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This leather travel purse is great for vacations, business trips, shopping around town, and more. It’s got a phone pocket on the back for quick access to digital airline tickets, directions on a maps app, and your camera to capture all of those memories! The phone pocket is on the back of this crossbody travel purse, keeping it hidden and safe while still giving you quick access. The crossbody design of this purse features a secure integrated strap that’s not detachable to make sure your purse stays on your shoulder. Our Buffalo leather travel purse is Made in USA and built to last!

  • Crossbody Travel Purse
  • Medium-Small Size
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Handmade in USA
  • Authentic Buffalo Nickel

We make each of our crossbody purse designs in various strap lengths to accommodate as many people as possible. To help us find the right fit for you, please tell us your height in the “order notes” section of the checkout page. Alternatively, you could state approximately how long you would like the strap to be (measuring from the shoulder to the top of the purse). We will do our best to help you find a great fit!

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Leather Travel Purse - Made in USA

Leather Travel Purse

Our Leather Travel Purse is great for vacations and business trips because of it’s medium-small size and crossbody-design. We’ve added a phone pocket to this purse so you can have quick access to digital airline tickets when flying or maps when driving. And once you get to your destination you’ve got quick access to the camera on your phone for capturing memories. This pocket also fits a kindle-sized e-reader or tablet for the plane. This crossbody travel purse is extra secure because of the integrated leather strap. This travel purse is built to last because it’s handmade from full grain leather and Made in USA.

Interior Dimensions

  • Width: 7 inches
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Depth: 1.5 inches

Exterior Dimensions

  • Width: 8 inches
  • Height: 9 inches
  • Depth: 2 inches

Carrying Length

Varies from ~24” to 29” (from the top of bag to the middle of the strap).

Wear it Crossbody

This crossbody travel purse is great when you’re on a trip, going shopping, or out for date night. It’s medium-small size means it’s lightweight but can still hold a decent amount. Our crossbody design combined with an integrated, strong, and double thickness full grain leather strap means that this strap is more secure than most.

Crossbody Travel Purse - Leather - Made in USA
Travel Purse with Phone Pocket - Made in USA

Quick Phone Access for Travel

We’ve added a phone pocket on the back of this lightweight travel purse because you need quick access to your phone at every point during your travels. Whether you’re getting your phone for a digital airplane, directions to your destination, or snapping a photo of the people you’re visiting, this pocket has you covered. We’ve put this phone pocket on the back of our crossbody travel purse so it stays flush against your body, providing a bit of added security while still giving you the convenience of quick access.

Smooth Glide Zipper

Getting into a purse quickly when you’re in a hurry can be a pain, so we’ve used a smooth glide zipper in our leather travel purse design. With this easy to use zipper, you’ll have quick and easy access to the main pouch when you need plane tickets, hand sanitizer, snacks, wallet, or anything else. It’s the little things that matter!

Buffalo Leather Travel Purse - Made in USA
American Bison Leather Goods - Made in USA Since 1972

Made in USA

We craft this Buffalo Leather Travel Purse in our workshop in Worthington, MN, USA. Our master leathersmiths make sure that every piece of leather, every stitch sewn, and every thread trimmed is done to our highest standards. Our Leather Crossbody Purses, including this leather travel purse are Made in USA and built to last.

Full Grain Leather

Our Leather Travel Purse is made using Full Grain Leather. Full Grain Leather is the best grade leather and best quality leather. This type of leather is durable, breathable, and strong. It has not been sanded down, so it contains natural markings. Your Leather Trip Purse will be as unique as you are!

Shoulder strap and Back of Purse
Additional information
Weight 17.6 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 8 in

Buffalo Billfold Company


69 Thread, Brown American Bison Leather, Genuine Buffalo Nickel, Smooth Slide Zipper



Thread Color



American Bison Leather, Genuine Buffalo Nickel, Leather Strap



Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Leather Travel Purse

  1. Jon

    I purchased this Leather Travel Purse and also the Dakota Buffalo Leather Purse for my wife. She loves both of them and couldn’t be any happier. When she opened up the Leather Travel Purse and saw the quality and craftsmanship in the purse, she put in an order for two more, one for our daughter and one for our daughter-in-law. It’s nice to see her enjoy a quality item. We have always come out ahead when we purchase for quality rather than price. These leather items are a thing of beauty and Made in the USA!

  2. LeRoy Davis

    My wife loves the purse; just the right size to put her phone and and few things together for a short trip outside.


    My husband gave me this bag for my birthday. It is perfect – exquisitely made and just the right size for my needs. I use it with your billfold which replaced my wallet several year ago. I imagine I’ll use it forever. THANK YOU!!

  4. Lorri Garcia (verified owner)

    I love this purse and that it is true leather. There is one thing I don’t like is the strap in not adjustable and is long for me.

  5. Mary C Tintes

    This is the best purse I’ve ever owned! I have used it every day for several years and it is the perfect size. Dress up or casual, this bag fits my style! Love it!

  6. Berkeley Hill

    Fell in love with this purse immediately!! It is large enough to carry what I need. However, it is small enough and compact so it is not bulky and cumbersome. The workmanship is 2nd to none!!! Love it!!

  7. Betty

    I’ve had this bag for sometime and just love it. Softest leather and holds so much!!

  8. Laura Dahlheimer

    I love this bag. I am able to wear it crossbody for comfort and it holds all my essentials . It is well made, unique, and it goes everywhere with me. Thank you.

  9. Glenda Wolfe (verified owner)

    Wonderful size – holds everything and is still lightweight. Leather is wonderful – can’t wait to see it age and get “broken in!” This will go everywhere with me!

  10. Carrie K

    The leather feels luxurious and is a rich brown color. The zipper is very high quality and it is easy to get items in and out. A great “in between” sized bag with a cross-body strap. It holds enough for your day, but doesn’t weigh you down.

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