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Our Story

High Quality, Sustainability, Partnerships, Community Focus, Made in USA.

Striving for Good

We strive to do good work, but also good in all we do. When you choose our leather goods you can be assured of these things: we use strong materials, maintain focus on sustainability, honor the partnerships we’ve built over the years, and support our local community and leathersmiths. Our leather goods are built for this generation and the next.

Bill and Lauri Keitel of the Buffalo Billfold Company

Uncompromising Quality

You want leather goods that are long lasting, functional, and fun, so we use the best leather, hardware, designs, and crafting skills to make our leather goods. We design our leather goods to be fun, functional, and of uncompromising quality so you can be confident that our leather goods are Made in USA and built to last.


We have a great respect for nature so we wanted to make sure that carried through to our business. We strive to ensure the sustainability of land resources, animals, and materials so they will be here for future generations.

Land Stewardship

Sustainable Land and Resource Management
Sustainable Land and Resource Management

The American Bison help sustain the land naturally because of their natural grazing and movements. These Bison eat their native foods and live on their native land. When Ranchers leave the land in its natural state, it thrives.


Free Roaming Bison
Free Roaming Bison - Sustainable Animal Management

Bison are managed in a way more sustainable than cattle because of the natural grazing allowed through ranching practices. Their habitat is maintained because they are able to roam free and live off the land.


Sustainably Sourced Bison Leather from Ranches in the USA
Sustainably Sourced Bison Leather from Ranches in the USA

Bison leather is more sustainable than cow leather because Bison are raised in a more natural and sustainable way. Bison meat is healthier than beef and Bison also have fewer CO2 emissions than cattle over their lifespan.


We partner with ranchers, tanners, retailers, and with State Parks all over the USA because strong partnerships produce better outcomes. You may have seen our leather goods at Yellowstone National Park, Custer State Park, and Blue Mounds State Park to name a few.

Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup - Herd Manager Chad Kremer
Growing Together
Environmental Care - Buffalo Billfold Company

Community Support

Our story started in Worthington, MN because our community supported us, shaping who we are today. We continue to handcraft quality leather goods, hire locally, support community efforts financially, and help sustain our global environment. Founders Bill and Lauri Keitel have led the way on environmental improvements. They have founded initiatives like the Silent Oak Society, an organization that plants oak trees in towns throughout southwest Minnesota, and sponsor local youth sports, and Worthington CFC. Thanks for being a part of our story.



We source our Bison leather from USA ranches. We custom tan leather at tanneries in the USA. And we handcraft our leather goods at our workshop in Worthington, MN. From Prairie to Product, our leather goods are entirely Made in USA and built to last.
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