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Leather Checkbook Covers

Our Leather Checkbook Covers will look great on your check register! Compliment your checks with one of these leather covers handmade from American Bison hide. They’re great for personal or business and have great natural patterned designs. We handcraft these register covers from American Bison leather since it’s tough and durable.  Plus, you can choose from a variety of leather register holders. We’re sure you’ll love whichever cover you choose! Our Buffalo leather checkbook covers are Made in the USA and built to last.

Leather Checkbook Covers: Handmade & Handcrafted

Our leather checkbook covers are handmade from the start. We handpick each piece of Buffalo leather because we want these handmade mens and womens checkbook covers to look great. So many manufacturers out there create cheap and weak check register holders that wear out fast. That’s not our philosophy. We build our leather check register covers to last a long time. They typically last 3 times longer than other weaker covers. We’ve heard back from some customers who are still using their Buffalo leather checkbook cover. Some of these men and women have said they’ve been using their Buffalo leather check register cover for over 20 years!

Buffalo Leather Checkbook Covers with Natural Textures and Designs

Our Buffalo leather checkbook covers come in unique textures and designs because each Bison has lived a unique life. We choose to make our designer checkbook covers in natural colors because we want to stay true to these natural textures and designs.

Checkbook Cover with a Story To Tell

Why did we decide to use American Bison leather for our covers? It’s simple. The American Bison is a free roaming animal in western ranches and great plains across the USA. Living in such wide open spaces gives the Bison experiences and character that no other mammal gets. Cow hide comes from cattle that are more tightly corralled than Bison. When we look at a hide, we can see the history of the life of that Bison. That history in the Buffalo leather makes our checkbooks even better because it gives you a real story and history along with your Buffalo Leather Checkbook Covers.

Leather Checkbook Covers Made in the USA

We take pride in being able to say that we’ve been handcrafting leather goods at our workshop in Minnesota since 1972. We support American ranchers by choosing to use American Bison raised in the USA. Our leather checkbook cover and other leather products are Made in the USA and built to last!

High Quality Checkbook Cover

We make our checkbook leather covers with very high quality full grain leather because we use our own leather tanning recipes. And it makes our full grain leather covers look and feel amazing. We now have some of the softest and most durable leather around because we’ve perfected these tanning recipes over decades.

Checkbook Covers - Full Grain Leather - American Bison

This picture shows a side view of the Full Grain Leather we use in our leather covers. This American Bison leather is tanned all the way through to ensure you get the best checkbook cover around!

Leather Checkbook Covers for Business & Personal Use

If you’re looking for the best business checkbook covers, you’ve found them. You can take one of these leather covers into your business meeting or keep it in your 1920’s attache case. They go great with our wallets too. No matter where you use this leather bison cover, it’s going to look great and last a long time.