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Mens Bifold Leather Wallet

(65 customer reviews)

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  • American Bison Leather
  • 3 Card Pockets
  • Bill Slot
  • Hand Rolled Top Edge
  • Credit Card Insert
  • Handcrafted & Made in USA
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Mens Bifold Leather Wallet

Looking for a solid Mens Bifold Leather Wallet that’s Made in USA? Seek no further! Guys love our buffalo leather wallet because it’s rugged, handsome, and bursting with character. Do you like a bifold wallet that’s a bit slimmer? This handmade bifold wallet is more slim than others because we use custom tanned thin leather that’s still very durable. Even though this two fold Bison wallet is thin, it still holds a lot of credit cards, business cards, photos, and of course, bills (USD size). You’re going to love this bifold wallet for men because it is strong, durable and Made in USA!

Two fold wallet for men made of quality leather

We want to make sure you’re aware of the leather quality in our bifold wallet for men, because quality of leather can vary based on tanning and sourcing. Our practice is to accept only the best leather to be used in this mens leather wallet. We personally know almost all of the big Bison Ranchers in the USA and we purchase their select leather to use in our buffalo leather wallet for men. Our own custom recipes that we’ve perfected over decades are used to tan our leather. The leather in this wallet is strong and durable, yet smooth to the touch. This leather ages amazingly. And when all is said and done, the leather that goes into our wallets and billfolds for men is second to none.

Buffalo Leather two fold wallet with no fabric lining

We put a special finish on the back side of our American Bison leather that allows us to avoid using fabric lining in our mens wallets because fabric wears out far too quickly. Few other mens leather wallet manufacturers go to this extra expense. This is a strong wallet.

Handmade in Worthington, MN

This handmade bifold wallet for men is crafted by hand from the start. We hand pick the hide we will use. Then, we pour over the leather, looking for the best pieces. Leather varies in thickness, stretchiness, texture and style because every American Bison has develop their own distinct features. Choosing the best leather for a product isn’t an exact science. Computers can’t adequately choose where to cut leather. Handpicking leather for our mens leather wallet is an art form. And we handpick each piece of leather in this strong leather wallet for men based on its unique qualities. Giving you a cohesive piece of functional art is our end goal when creating this two fold mens wallet.

Mens leather wallet handmade with durable materials to create a strong wallet

Customers love that our Mens Bifold Leather Wallet is is handmade from American Bison hide. You can be confident that your mens bifold wallet will stay together because we use strong 69 size thread to stitch together the pieces of leather. The edges of this wallet are hand rolled. Our Buffalo Billfold Company logo is branded into this strong wallet.

Additional information
Weight 3.3 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 0.75 × 3.75 in

Buffalo Billfold Company


69 Thread, Brown American Bison Leather



Thread Color



Bill Slot, Credit Card Pockets


American Bison Leather




Bills, Business Cards, Credit Cards





Reviews (65)

65 reviews for Mens Bifold Leather Wallet

  1. curtis dickinson (verified owner)

    The scent brings me back to the buffalo farm back in Southborough Massachusetts. The touch is soft and supple. It feels so warm and friendly. Its so smoothty feely. The $00 bills fit perfectly. This is quality and durable work. All leather goods ought to be bought here.

  2. Nate Phinney

    I received a bifold wallet as a groomsman’s gift 18 years ago. It has been in my back pocket every day since, and developed its first tiny pinhole just this year. Just a great product.

  3. Nathaniel Privratsky

    I’ve had this wallet a year in April, it’s been really nice and is doing great! It was hard for me to let go of my old one, I wasn’t sure how I’d like this one. However, I’m happy I bought this and I’m even happier I gave money to an American business who has the same values as I and makes quality products. I look forward to buying more from you in the future!

  4. Kevin

    Got this as a gift for my son it immediately feels like an old friend in my pocket. Unbelievable quality the way things used to be made in America
    beautiful to touch look at and sturdy as heck.
    I am absolutely in love with it a real throwback
    In quality

  5. Jerritt Dayhoff (verified owner)

    An amazing wallet. So beautiful. So soft. My husband is a big guy (6’8”) who is hard on wallets. We invested in this one, and I can already tell it will last much longer because of how well made it is. Thank you!

  6. Kelly Cox (verified owner)

    I lost my wallet a week or so ago, so I canceled my cards and ordered this wallet. Some kind person mailed my wallet back (with cash still in it) so I don’t need the wallet–but it will be a great present for my brother! It’s a fantastic wallet, the best I’ve ever seen really. I couldn’t recommend this more! A great American-made product without a doubt.

  7. Cayden M.

    I have had countless wallets. Some priced much higher than this one but none are of such durable and high quality build it has been in my pocket for almost a year now and it still looks excellent. This is a wallet that will patina and last a very long time. Much praise to the buffalo bifold company!!

  8. Geoff T

    I bought a small, Buffalo Billfold credit card/driver license holder, a couple years ago, while in South Dakota. ( I use it as my wallet, instead of a regular-sized wallet.) Amazing, durable quality. It doesn’t show any sign of wear. I expect it will, easily, last 20 years or more.

  9. Chris Ryan

    Beautifully made, and high quality! If something ever happens to the one I have now, I know I will be getting another!

  10. Gayla (verified owner)

    Great Buffalo coasters and the wallet fits smoothly and is of great quality. Thank you!

  11. Eric Lease

    My grandpa bought this wallet in the 1970’s and I am still using it today! The leather is still in great shape! Would 100% buy again!

  12. Rev Cynthia Montague (verified owner)

    Looking at your Veterans’ Day ad, I’m pleased to advise you that I got my Marine son your plain folding wallet several years ago before his overseas deployment, and he carried only that one. Still does.

  13. Brennen Meinders (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying these wallets for over 17 years, and just purchased my 4th. These are without a doubt the highest quality and most robust items you’ll find. Most of all, this is a small, American company in my hometown that I love to support, and you should too. I recently lost my bi-fold wallet, and am replacing it with the exact same thing. It’s unfortunate since the wallet was going on for 5 years but still looked fantastic. You’ll be very pleased with any of the items produced by The Buffalo Billfold Company.

  14. Amelia Johnston (verified owner)

    I bought this for my son who is 12 years old for Christmas. He loved it! It is such a great gift for the guys! The Buffalo Billfold Company never disappoints!

  15. Matthew Entenza

    I have been buying products from the Buffalo Billfold Company for over 35 years! They are well made and durable and last for years. They define what it means to have a real value. Plus you know that you are supporting a great family when you buy their handmade products. I’ve had my most recent wallet for 8 years and I can’t believe how well it has stood up to daily use.

  16. Paolo Monti

    I bought this wallet and 4 other items to bring them to Italy as gifts to my kids and their partners. I was supposed to get there next week, but do to the current coronavirus situation I will not be able to do so for a while. I love all five items and I am sure my Italians will do so.

  17. Magdolna Nagy (verified owner)

    I love the Buffalo Billfold Co. I first discovered their products at a Bison farm in Pennsylvania. I owner had a small display and I purchased 2 choker necklaces of buffalo horn and the small coin purchase. I feel in love with the quality of their products. That was about 20 years ago. Since then, I continuously order products as gifts for my family and friends. Last year I ordered 10 of the money clips to give to all the men. Need I say, what I hit! They all loved them and I will continue to gift them next year with wallets. The best was it mentioned how happy they were to receive a gift that was Made in the USA! please support this company you won’t be disappointed!

  18. Scott White

    I bought this same wallet 7 years ago in a leather shop in Estes Park, CO. It has amazed me how durable and well made it is. I shove as many as 20 cards in there and the stitches on one of the pockets are finally starting to unravel after wearing it every day in my back pocket. The Buffalo Leather is still in great shape. Before this wallet, I would wear one out at least once per year. So time for a new one and it will definately be the same model! Thanks for putting your logo on it so I knew how to find you.

  19. Bonnie B (verified owner)

    Love the Buffalo Billfold products. So finely crafted. I bought this wallet for our son- his first wallet- he will have it for a long time. The rest of our family each has a Buffalo Billfold wallet and I have the credit card wallet, the checkbook wallet, the coin catcher, and the purse. Love them all.

    • Bill

      Thanks Bonnie! If you have time, we’d love it if you could write reviews on the other wallets and purse you have. It really helps people understand what they’re getting!

  20. Willie

    Great wallet Made in USA. Awesome

  21. Steven Cataldo

    I love this wallet; it is American made, well crafted and comfortable in my back pocket!

  22. Rod Meade (verified owner)

    I’ve had my new wallet for 2 or 3 weeks now. During that time I’ve found that there are features about it that I like better than those of my last buffalo hide wallet that lasted 12 years but made by another company. One feature is that the leather is a little thicker. Second, the stitching seems a little stronger. This wallet should last for fifteen years even though I may not.
    I’ve had lots of wallets through the years and that’s the problem, cow hide and foreign made never lasted as long as American buffalo.
    Thanks for a great product.

  23. Larry (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my two fold… Love the look and it is Just the right size for me. Fits well in my back pocket.

  24. Kathi Kerr-Taylor (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased several wallets as gifts over the years. The latest was for my son-in-law’s 40th birthday. I will be buying more. They are wonderful. Thank you .

  25. Arron Bendt

    I could not be happier with this billfold. Perfection!!

  26. Petko Andreev (verified owner)

    It has been a while since the last time I saw a quality wallet like this. It is a great pleasure to see that there are goods which are still made in the USA!
    I wish this leather wallet had a stamp, “Made in USA,” but I still like it!

  27. Ken

    I’ve had my wallet for over 10 years. Still looks great and solid as ever. Great buy.

  28. john hinerman

    Strong, attractive and totally functional. Easy in and out of bills and credit cards. Couldn’t be more pleased. (Ordered the snake skin version)

  29. Hannah (verified owner)

    I bought the buffalo leather bi-fold wallet as a Christmas gift for my fiance and could not have been happier with the product or its speedy delivery. It arrived earlier than I was expecting, wrapped neatly with a ‘made in the USA’ sticker on the front (a detail that my fiance did notice and increased his appreciation of the gift). It is a sturdy wallet made to withstand many years of use and is attractive nonetheless. He loves his new wallet and its bi-fold design.
    Thanks Buffalo Billfold Company!

  30. Hannah (verified owner)

    I bought the buffalo leather bi-fold wallet as a Christmas gift for my fiance and could not have been more pleased with the product or its speedy delivery. It arrived earlier than I was expecting, wrapped neatly with a ‘made in the USA’ sticker on the front (a detail that my fiance did notice and increased his appreciation of the gift). It is a sturdy wallet made to withstand many years of use and is attractive nonetheless. He loves his new wallet and its bi-fold design.
    Thanks Buffalo Billfold Company!

  31. Linn

    I am hard on wallets. On a good day, I have it 1.5 inches thick with credit cards & cash & punch cards & business cards & receipts & all kinds of crap that probably shouldn’t be in there. More likely, it’s 2 inches. This kind of behavior, of course, kills wallets. Not this one. I’ve had it for about 7 years now, and I’m pretty confident it could last another 70. Aside from stretching it to its absolute limit, it’s been underwater, soaked with sweat, traveled all over the country. And only two things have happened:

    1) The plastic card holder thing was destroyed within the first year. But who cares; you don’t want to store cards in those flimsy things anyway. You bought this thing because it’s leather; so throw out the plastic garbage and store the cards in the leather pockets. You’ll get used to knowing what card 2nd, 3rd, etc. in the pocket without ever needing the plastic.

    2) About a quarter inch of the stitching has come undone where the top-most pockets attach on the inside. That’s it. No big deal. And that happened about 5 years ago and hasn’t gotten any worse since. I could easily stitch it back up with a little sewing kit — but why bother? It has no impact on the wallet’s ability to keep my cards in there tight. And it hasn’t gotten any worse.

    And lemme just emphasize the supernatural quality of this leather. As I said, this thing has been wet and completely mistreated. My previous leather wallet was all rough and cracked and coming apart by the 3-year point. At 7 years, this one is perfect. I mean, it’s smoother and softer than the day I bought it. It’s only getting /better/ with age. And THAT is the mark of quality.

  32. Craig

    Purchased 5 years ago. Retains its shape and quality very well. Mink oil shines and preserves it very well.Tough as the bison we raise. Good product.

  33. Dominick

    I have owned this wallet for 5 years now and it is still in perfect condition. This is by far the best wallet i have ever owned. Highly recommend everybody get one you will not regret it!

  34. Craig

    I have had this wallet for 5 years now and it still looks brand new. Best wallet I have owned.

  35. Derrick Watson

    This is the best wallet I have ever owned. The leather quality is incredible. I received this wallet as a Christmas gift and wanted to put some miles on it before giving a review. Exceeds all expectations so far.

  36. Art Webster (verified owner)

    Undoubtedly the toughest most stylish wallet I’ve ever owned. Leather is supple and slides smoothly into and out of my pocket. Reeks quality

  37. Rachel W

    The wallet is lovely, I am happy with it but I ordered it as a Christmas gift for my husband and it arrived in a thin envelope that you could easily feel the wallet through. And in case there was any doubt, the envelope said Buffalo Billfold Co. in large letters on front of envelope. My husband picked up the mail so he could not avoid knowing what it is. Be advised that if you want it to be a surprise, have it sent to a friend or neighbor’s house.

  38. Jared R

    Awesome wallet, I recommend you spoil yourself and see the difference. I’ve had mine for 3 years and it’s still in awesome shape. I had them do some custom stamping on it as well (very cool way to personalize it).. even when I’m broke I can pull it out hold it in my hands and still feel like a rich man. I will definitely be back for another one.

  39. Dean S. (verified owner)

    I own a couple of products made by Buffalo Billfold Co., I couldn’t be happier with them. The quality is great…The product is great and even better the people of the company are GREAT!.

    I would recommend Any product made by this company. For well made, classic, affordable and beautiful products that will last… This is the place to shop.

    Thank you Buffalo Billfold company !

  40. Dean S. (verified owner)

    Finest products I have ever owned. I purchased 2 belts several months ago, they are fantastic quality and workmanship. Received today a billfold, beautiful, rugged “special”. Thank you Buffalo billfold company you are truly a wonderful company. Products, service, knowledge and just nice people.

  41. Gary (verified owner)

    I lost my old USA crafted deerskin wallet. Figured I wouldn’t be able to find a quality crafted USA wallet again. Was I wrong, love my new wallet, so much that when I found my deerskin one again, I put it in the drawer as a back up in case my new buffalo wears badly. Think that deerskin will stay put for a while, thanks for a great wallet.

  42. Stephanie Blue (verified owner)

    I bought the two fold wallet as a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves it. He said it very comfortable in his back pocket.

  43. Chris (verified owner)

    I won’t have to go shopping for a new wallet for a long time.This wallet is perfectly made.I like the capacity of the card holders and the two hidden slots under the holders.There is no cloth to come apart at all,100 percent buffalo.My next review will be in about 20 years,When I finally need a new one,or maybe 30 years!

  44. Rod (verified owner)

    This is the best wallet I have ever owned… it is over 16 years old and still going strong!

  45. Christopher Thorsen

    I have purchased many wallets and checkbook covers over the years and given them to my close friends. Each and everyone has thanked me over and over whenever I see them. I have seen them reach back for their wallets over the years and they show it to me with pride and declare that this indeed is one of the finest gifts they have ever received and that they still have it years and years since I gave it to them. I am about to place another order of several items with the knowledge that such a quality product is so appreciated to those who receive it. On top of it all it is from a first class company that is proud to do business in the State of Minnesota!

  46. Darin

    I purchase my wallet in Brookings SD the summer of 2002 and still use it today, 7/7/15. It is the best wallet I have ever owned. Awesome product and incredible people at Buffalo Billfold Company.

  47. Harry T (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this wallet, I am over 50 and owned many wallets over the years but this one rules them all. High quality craftsmanship, very handsome with the Buffalo stamp, and a pleasure to use every day. I just got a card holder and will be getting more things from this company as I am very happy with this purchase from about a year ago.

  48. Bryan C (verified owner)

    This wallet has many things I like about it but the three things I like most are (i) its made in the US (ii) its is a really nice quality wallet for a good price and (iii) it made of buffalo leather. I got one for my teen for his birthday who saw the one my wife got me and said he would like one too. This company will get referrals and repeat business from me due to the workmanship and quality.

  49. RS

    By luck I found the BBC at the Edina Art Fair several years ago. And there, after a quick look,I could clearly tell this could be the best wallet I might find. Turns out this wallet is the BEST I’ve ever worn. Still looks great, no signs of wear and it screams value. I’ve not seen a leather wallet constructed so well and after reading other testimonials, I’m sure I’ll be carrying this fine wallet for many years.

  50. Karen Terhark

    I am currently looking for a bi-fold wallet/checkbook cover for my Dad. After reading these reviews I thought I should share my complete satisfaction with Buffalo Billfold Co. I purchased my husband a leather tri-fold wallet for his wedding present. I am happy to report 25+ years later he is still using it. When I told him how old it was he was like NO WAY! The stitching is coming loose but that actually came as a surprise to both of us as we literally just looked it over for wear and tear tonight. Best darn gift I ever got him!

  51. Jeff F. (verified owner)

    This wallet was my first experience with buffalo leather and i couldn’t be happier. The quality of it is just outstanding. The leather is thick, the stitches are substantial and i love how it’s just leather and thread, nothing more. I’ve have it almost a year now and the patina makes it look like a Hershey’s chocolate bar! I expect this to last me for years to come! Would i purchase this again? Without question!

  52. Kathi Kerr-Taylor

    I’ve purchased wallets over the past couple of years for my husband, father and two sons. The products are top quality craftsmanship.

  53. Tony Buffalo (verified owner)

    Just received my new wallet. Craftsmanship is excellent. This is a tremendous value. Why pay $30 for a wallet you will throw away in one year when you can have something made in US for a few more dollars that will obviously last much longer. Bravo!

  54. Steve (verified owner)

    I have been a long time customer, this review is long overdue, these wallets and all other items these fine craftsman and craftswomen make are remarkable, they last a super long time the quality is top notch, they have one heck of a talent, and as far as customer service it just does not get any better, they are the best and most honest business people I have had over the phone and internet contact with all in all they are just great people!!!!!

  55. Jeff

    Used mine every day for the last fifteen tears and it will probably go another ten. I bought it at Wall Drug on a memorable vacation and it has served me well, so well I’m hesitant to replace it with a new one!

  56. Tom Waldrop

    I bought my first of these wallets at least 10 years ago, I cannot remember. After about 5 years, I decided to buy another so that I would have it on hand when the first one wore out. I am still using the first one! It is worn to the point that the leather is completely smooth both on the outside and the inside and the buffalo has long since disappeared.. I stuff it so full of cards that it has stretched to a much larger wallet. I love it. I occasionally see the second wallet and it is beautiful. I may break down and switch to it, someday.

  57. BM

    These products are honestly the best money can buy. I was given the checkbook wallet 11 years ago as a gift. I just replaced it with a bi-fold, as check usage is minimal for me. The checkbook wallet was still in great working condition, considering it’s age and use. These products are simplistically beautiful. I have no doubt I’ll be using this one for a long time. Thank you.

  58. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great quality leather product. I wanted a leather billfold made in the USA and I couldn’t be happier.

  59. Roger E. Dillon (verified owner)

    I received my wallet one year ago this month. Wallet has held up nicely to daily use. Wallet is not overly thick, but is tough. Love that it does not break any of my credit cards. My previous wallets from another maker kept resulting in cracked credit cars, due to the design of the wallet. Highly recommend any products from the Buffalo Billfold Company!

  60. Joe

    I receieved this wallet form christmas and was very pleased with the look and feel. Leather is very nice and hope it lasts me a long time. I do need to downsize the amount of stuff i carry in my wallet so it will all fit in this new one as it does not have as much space for credit cards and business cards, etc

  61. Brenda Regentik (verified owner)

    I am Purchasing another 2 fold wallet for my husband. This will be the third one Since 2002. I bought the last one in 2009. My husband is a mechanic and gets his wallets very dirty and greasy. Yet this wallet holds up to all of this. We used to have to buy wallets every year and now it’s about every 6. If it didn’t get so dirty, we still wouldn’t have to buy one. As these wallets are still all together. The stitching has never come apart and the inside has held together also. I would highly recommend these products. They are well worth the money.

  62. Justin

    I really love this wallet. Hands down, the finest wallet I have ever used. Rich, handsome color that just gets better as it ages; thin, yet very strong leather, expertly trimmed and tooled; and quality stitching. I misplaced it for a week not long ago, and I was more distraught over losing the actual wallet as I was about what was inside it. I’ve had mine for over three years now and it’s still fantastic; just developing more character as time goes by. I will absolutely buy another one it this ever wears out…

  63. Mike

    I have had the bifold wallet for three months now and feel good endorsing it. Upon purchase the quality and build is very evident. This wallet is in my pocket daily and looks and feels better now than when I bought it. I love American history, and knowing that this (and the other products here) are crafted with the same skill and attention to detail that things used to be made with is excellent. American made, crafted with skill, quality bison leather, built to last (and look better with age) and at an amazing price. Why anyone would buy a cheap, frail China made wallet when you could buy this is beyond me. I highly recommend this and all of their other products. Thank you for keeping small business, American made, skillfully crafted products in the marketplace!

  64. nelson corcoran

    Great wallet. I have two ranches and plenty of machines to work on. I usually throw my wallets away at 6 months to 1 year but this one is still going after over 3 years. It is a bit stretched from being overloaded but the leather and stitching is perfect. It could probably stand some polish at this point too.

  65. Jim Cox (verified owner)

    I bought my 1st Two Fold Wallet so long ago I can’t remember. At least 10 years ago. It is still functional. None of the stitching has failed. Logo is long gone. A little wear on the top of the fold. Almost resisted buying a new one however, I couldn’t resist. Great long lasting products.

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