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Leather Attache Case


Buffalo Leather Rifle Sling

Leather Saddlebags - Horse Saddlebags - Made in USA - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Leather Saddlebags

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Historic Rifle Scabbard


Buffalo Leather Rifle Scabbard

Mens Leather Attache Briefcase - Prairie Rattlesnake
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Men’s Leather Attache Briefcase – Prairie Rattlesnake


Historic Reproduction Leather Goods

Finding historic leather goods that have been time proven is always fun. It’s what we strive for ourselves when we handcraft our leather goods. That’s why we’ve decided to take some of our favorite historic leather goods and reproduce them using Buffalo leather. In our historic reproductions line, we make slight adjustments sometimes if we find that a part of the product wore out faster than we’d like it to, but we still stay true to the character and uniqueness of the product. As always, our Buffalo leather goods are 100% Handcrafted and Made in USA.