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Leather Flip Style Notepad


Buffalo Stones


Leather Expedition Bag


Elk Ridge Knife with Buffalo Inlay – Leather Case for Folding Pocket Knife


Field Notes Wallet

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Vintage Leather Journal
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Vintage Leather Journal


Bison Spirit Animal Gemstones


Leather Goods for Naturalists
If you’re a nature lover or naturalist who loves hiking, birding, and other activities out in nature then you’ll love our handmade leather goods. We offer leather field wallets, journals, expedition bags and more! Our naturalist products use leather that we custom tan to natural color tones of the native prairie lands: brown, black, and russet red.  We use full grain leather from American Bison because it’s the most natural type of leather. It’s the best since it’s native to the lands of North America.
Handmade in USA
We handcraft our leather goods to be high quality and long lasting. We handpick the leather so each product has a unique natural design. Our leather goods are handmade entirely by us and we’re proud to say they’re Made in USA and built to last.