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Leather Rifle Sling


Pocket Knife – Sterling Silver Inlay

Leather Belt Pouch - Made in USA
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Buffalo Leather Belt Pouch

Leather Pocket Knife Case - Made In America - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Leather Pocket Knife Case


Elk Ridge Knife with Buffalo Inlay – Leather Case for Folding Pocket Knife


Leather Rifle Scabbard

Small Knife Case for Pocket and Pen Knives - Made in USA
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Small Knife Case – Pocket and Pen Knives – Made in USA


Slings & Scabbards

Do you hunt or own a collectible rifle? Our leather rifle slings and scabbards are the perfect compliment. They’re comfortable on your shoulder and a perfect pair to a collectible rifle. Each sling and scabbard is handcrafted from high quality American Bison leather and Made in USA.

Knifes & Sheaths

We make leather cases and sheathes for small to medium sized pocket knives. These leather sheathes are perfect for someone looking to carry a pocket or pen knife. Our leather knife cases can attach to a belt and have a closing snap. You’ll also find a small variety of pocket knives that are sharp, durable, and feature a Bison or Eagle engraving.