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Buffalo Leather Guitar Pick Case - Made in America - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Buffalo Leather Guitar Pick Case


Buffalo Leather Guitar Strap

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Rattlesnake Guitar Strap


Handmade Guitar Accessories

Treat your guitar right with our Buffalo Leather Guitar Accessories. Our handmade Buffalo Leather Guitar Straps will look great on your guitar. You’ll never run out of picks when you use our Buffalo Leather Guitar Pick Case because it holds a lot of picks! But even though this case holds a lot, it’s still thin. You can easily slip it into your guitar case. Our buffalo leather guitar accessories are handcrafted from American Bison leather and Made in the USA.

Guitar Accessories Made in USA

Our buffalo leather guitar accessories are all handcrafted and Made in USA because quality matters to us. We craft our handmade leather guitar accessories at our workshop so we can make sure every guitar accessory that leaves the shop was built to our high standards.

Leather Guitar Accessories made of Full Grain Leather

We use full grain leather to handcraft guitar accessories because it’s the strongest. It’s so strong because the most dense fibers have not been sanded off. Don’t spend time wondering if your guitar strap is going to fall apart or wether you have enough picks. Use our strong Buffalo leather guitar accessories so you can focus on your music not your equipment.

Handmade leather guitar straps, leather pick pouches, leather songwriting journals are made with strong materials

Our handmade leather guitar straps, pick pouches, songwriting journals, and cases are made from high quality materials because we care about quality. We make our leather goods using size 69 thread, durable buffalo leather, high quality zippers and stainless steel snaps. We craft handmade guitar straps, pick pouches, journals and cases that can stand the test of time.