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If you’re looking for a Leather Padfolio, you’ve come to the right place! Our leather padfolios are handcrafted from American Bison leather and are great for business or personal use. The medium and large padfolios include a Buffalo Nickel Snap, while the smallest padfolios have a flip cover. Stay organized in your meetings with our buffalo leather padfolios. Store your pen in the leather loop. Slide your legal pad into the padfolio case slot. And you slip your business cards into the leather business card slots. These padfolios are great for both men and women! All Made in USA.

Leather Legal Pad Holder - Made in USA

Handmade Padfolios

We take great pride in our leather craftsmanship which is why all of our binders, portfolios and journals are handmade. We hand pick each piece of American Bison leather in our padfolios because we want to bring you the best product around. Choosing the correct pieces of leather is an art form. When we choose the leather for each piece of these padfolios, we look at thickness, stretch, texture and more.

American Bison Leather

All leather isn’t tanned, or created equally. There is artificial leather, bonded leather, and leather that’s tanned in hundreds of different ways. Tanning leather affects thickness, color, texture and more. We have created our own leather tanning recipes. We’ve perfected our recipes over decades because we want actually high quality leather to be part of our products.

Jr Legal Pad Cover - Brown Leather - Made in USA - Strong Thread