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Buffalo Nickel Money Clip Wallet


Handmade Leather Front Pocket Wallet – Made in USA


Leather Money Clip Wallet

Magnetic Money Clip Wallet
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Magnetic Money Clip Wallet

Handmade Leather Minimalist Wallet - Made in USA - Slim & Rugged
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Handmade Leather Minimalist Wallet – Made in USA


Womens Mini Wallet


Women’s Minimalist Wallet


Leather Keychain Wallet

Brown Leather Money Clip Wallet - Made in USA
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Bison Leather Goods Bundle


Minimalist Wallets, Made in USA

Our Minimalist Wallets are handcrafted from the best full grain leather available. These thin wallets will cut out the bulk of a traditional two fold or three fold wallet and fit more comfortably in your pocket. You’ll find our minimal wallets are a dream to carry in front pockets and other small pockets. All of our minimalist leather wallets are handmade and built to last!

Minimal Size + Maximum Versatility

These wallets are small on size but maxed on versatility because of their compact design. You can use them in many different situations. Guys often carry them in their front pockets, suit coat pockets, and toss them in their glove compartments. They slide into a pocket alongside your mobile phone really well since they’re thin. So wether you want to talk, pay or get your ID, you can easily reach in the same pocket. Simply toss these leather wallets in their purses and coat pockets and you’re good to go.