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Buffalo Leather Three Fold Wallet


Mens Bifold Leather Wallet


Annie Oakley Magnum Coin Case


Leather Card Case


Leather Flip Style Notepad


Annie Oakley Leather Coin Case


Money Clip Wallet with Buffalo Nickel


Leather Travel Purse


Buffalo Biker Billfold


Small Leather Purse (The HMK)


Buffalo Leather Belts – Black & Brown 2 Pack


Womens Slim Leather Wallet (Dakota Slim)


Handmade Buffalo Checkbook Cover – Buffalo Nickel


Leather Glasses Case


Mens Coin Purse – Leather – Snap Closure


Jr Legal Pad Cover (Holds 5×7 Legal Pad)

Black Buffalo Leather Money Clip - Made in the USA - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Black Buffalo Leather Money Clip


Trim Style Purse – Handmade Leather Purse with Side Nickel


Black Leather Goods, Made in USA

Our black leather goods are handmade from American Bison full grain leather. The black leather we use in our handmade leather goods is custom tanned specifically for us, using our own custom tanning recipes that we’ve developed and honed over decades. This dark black color represents a natural color found in the prairies of the west and midwest. We offer many products such as wallets, purses, checkbook covers, coin cases, card cases, belts, luggage and more in this black leather.