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Leather Travel Purse and Front Pocket Wallet Set - Brown
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Leather Travel Purse and Front Pocket Wallet


Dakota Leather Purse and Wallet Set

Bundle: Leather Purse Wallet - Two Strap Purse - Clutch Wallet - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Two Strap Purse and French Clutch Wallet


HMK Purse and Minimalist Wallet Set


KW Purse and Minimalist Wallet


Bisonette Purse and Womens Mini Wallet Set


Leather Crossbody Purse and Mini Clutch Wallet Set


Matching Purse and Wallet Sets

We offer a wide variety of matching purse and wallet sets. Our leather goods are handmade from brown, black, and red leather. These natural colors can be paired with each other or you can choose to match the same color wallet with a bag. Each of these leather goods is made from strong American Bison leather. Our purse and wallet bundles are entirely Made in USA and built to last.

Leather Color

We use many different colors of leather to make our purse and wallet sets. We use natural brown, black, and dark red leather to create products which you can easily interchange. These product bundles come in matching colors of leather.

Leather Patterns

We use strong full grain leather and shrunken Bison leather to make our matching leather wallets and purses. Our leather has a unique pattern so when you buy one of these purse and wallet sets, we’ll make sure that the grain patterns on each purse and wallet match each other before sending them to you!

Complimentary Size

We know how large each of our leather goods are so we can ensure that all of our bundles will work well together. We have smaller sets and larger sets so you should be able to find something that will work for you.

Bundle and Save

Want to get a new purse and wallet and reduce your cost at the same time? Buy one of our handmade leather purse and wallet sets and you’ll save because we always discount these bundle deals!