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Leatherworks company in MN, USA

Buffalo Billfold Company / Leatherworks company in MN, USA

Leatherworks company in MN, USA

Leatherworks company in MN, USA

Minnesota leatherworks company – Handmade Leather Goods

Buffalo Billfold Company is a Minnesota leatherworks company that specializes in American Bison leather goods. Our leatherworks shop handcrafts wallets, purses, belts, briefcases, luggage, and more. Our leatherworkers are highly skilled because they’ve been taught by talented Leathersmiths Bill and Lauri Keitel. Bill began working on leather before starting this Minnesota leatherworks company. Previously, his leather work focused on shoe repair. The Keitels started their Minnesota leather working company back in 1972 in the historic National Bank of Worthington, MN. At that time, their leather work consisted of custom leather goods handmade from cow hide. Now their leather works are created using American Bison full grain leather because it’s the longest lasting type of leather.

A Minnesota Leather Company – Growth and Expansion

[one_third last=”no”]A Leatherworks Company Based in MN, USA[/one_third][two_third last=”yes”]As they hand tooled leather, day by day, their leather works slowly expanded to include a variety of handmade leather products. Their initial 8 by 8 foot leather work area was no longer able to house their small leather company. Fortune smiled upon them and they were able to expand their leather work area.  Their expansion eventually took over the basement of the historic Worthington National Bank. Their leatherworks shop grew due to their community valuing artisan craftsmanship.[/two_third]

Leather Works from Minnesota to Your Home

We send our leather works to customers all over the USA. Folks love our leather works because they last so long and age amazingly well. Our leather work is second to none since our leatherworkers pay great attention to detail. They make sure every stitch is perfect. Our leatherworkers appreciate leather work and taking part in this artisan craft.

Leatherworkers at our Minnesota Leather Company

[one_third last=”no”]Minnesota Leather Company[/one_third][two_third last=”yes”]Our leatherworks shop employs talented leatherworkers who handcraft fine bison leather products. Using the best buffalo leather, they create leather goods that are strong, durable, and stand the test of time. Some of our belts and wallets have made it back to our workshop decades later. They are still in working condition, but their owners decided it was time for an update. Some of these returning products have been up to 37 years old. Buffalo Billfold Co. leatherworks shop continues to instruct our leather workers in the art of leathercraft. Our leatherworks store invites you to stop by and check out our leathergoods. The BBC leather workers may be busy, but you’ll always get a warm welcome![/two_third]

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