Shipping & Fulfillment

How long will it take for my order to get in the mail?

Standard Shipping Time: We ship out orders in the morning around 10:00am CST during business hours (Mon-Fri).

If you order on a non-business day, your package will go out the next business day at 10am.

During holiday season, we often ship packages twice a day and sometimes even on non-business days, but we do not guarantee this. So make sure to place your order according to our standard shipping time.

Average Fulfillment Time: 21-22 hours.

Shipping Time (USPS)

We ship via USPS. Shipping time is determined by the rate you choose, and the time that the USPS says it will take to get there. This information can be found on the USPS Mailing & Shipping Services page.

During busy times of year, such as Christmas, their shipping times my be a bit longer.

Made in USA

What do you mean when you say, "Made in USA?"

When we say, “Made in USA,” we mean it. We use American Bison leather from as many USA raised Bison as possible, which is currently around 95%. The other 5% are from Canada. We handcraft our leather goods ourselves at our leather workshop in Worthington, MN. We hire people in our community and train them to be leathersmiths. And we’ve been doing this since 1972.

Quality & Longevity


We use full grain leather from American Bison hide. This is the strongest type of leather because it retains all natural fibers of the hide. This leather will last far longer than other types of leather. Depending on how hard you are on the leather, it tends to last anywhere from 5-40 years (the longest report we’ve gotten so far). Typically 3-4 times longer than a fashion wallet made with top grain leather.


We use strong 0.69oz thread in our products. We find it to be a great match of durability while still keeping our products light weight. The thread will eventually wear out, but it will last a long time. We’ve seen products that are 40 years old with thread still intact, but of course, it partially depends how hard you are on the product. Either way, the thread in our leather goods often outlasts the thread in other high fashion leather goods / drug store wallets as they tend to use weaker thread.

Vinyl Inserts

We use heavy duty vinyl inserts. It will last varying lengths of time based on how often you use it. Note that this is not a leather product and will inherently not last the same length of time as the leather portion of your product. New inserts may be purchased if they wear out.