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Dakota Buffalo Leather Purse


Dakota Leather Purse and Wallet Set


Leather Shoulder Bag

Bundle: Leather Purse Wallet - Two Strap Purse - Clutch Wallet - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Two Strap Purse and French Clutch Wallet


Large Leather Purse
We handcraft these large leather purses to meet all of your carrying needs. You can carry the necessities plus anything else you might need during the day and even have space for a bit extra! We make each one by hand using full grain buffalo leather. As a result, these rugged beauties will stand up to whatever your day throws at them. And they will look great while doing it! You can have your cake and eat it too. Rather, you can carry everything you need and look sophisticated too. You will be pleased whether you choose a brown or a black leather purse. They are all classics!
Real Craftsmanship
We make these real leather purses using full grain American Bison leather because of its strength and durability. And the high quality craftsmanship doesn’t end with just the type of leather we use! We control every aspect of the production process to created the greatest product possible. First, we hand select each piece and cut them with care. Then we meticulously sew and then painstakingly inspect each one. Each handbag is a work of art. Whether a brown or a black leather purse, all are 100% Made in USA by us!