Leather Zipper Pouch

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This leather zipper pouch has all sorts of amazing uses! Men love this leather zip pouch for storing their razor, tooth brush and toiletries. If you work in an office or school, this case also works great as a leather pencil pouch. This leather zipper pouch is handmade from American Bison leather. It’s strong, durable and has pockets for whatever your need might be.

  • Handmade
  • Full Grain Leather
  • American Bison Leather
  • Made in USA

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Leather Zipper Pouch

Leather Zipper Pouch

Our Leather Zipper Pouch is entirely handmade. We handpick pieces of leather to build this pouch based on their look, feel, stretch and thickness. We roll the edges by hand and stitch them together with strong and durable thread. And finally once the zipper is on we turn it out by hand to ensure a good final look. This handmade leather zipper pouch is Made in USA at our leatherworks in Worthington, MN.

Smooth Glide Nylon Zipper

We use a smooth glide nylon zipper on this pouch because it opens and closes with ease. We’ve found these zipper to be very durable and long lasting. The brownish color of the zipper allows it to blend really well with this leather zipper pouch. It’s strong enough to hold a bunch of change or other heavy things. It’s light enough to use as a leather pencil case to toss in your backpack.

Outside Pocket
Phone Pocket

Leather Zipper Pouch with Phone Pocket

This pouch has a phone pocket on the outside so you’ll have easy access when your friends and family text or call. It fits an iPhone, Android, and more. The phone pocket has rolled edges so it’s easy to slip your phone in and out.

Inner Pocket

Our zipper pouch comes with an inner pocket to help you keep your contents organized. This leather pouch works well for holding anything ranging from typical items you’d carry in a purse, a daily carry for guys, or even tools!

Inner Pocket
New and Old

Built to Last

We’ve built this leather zipper pouch to last. It’s constructed to be of heirloom quality. We use full grain leather because it’s the strongest and most durable. Full grain leather will develop a great patina over time. On the left this brand new pouch is pictured, while the right shows our smaller version of this product after about 20 years of use. As you can see, it holds up really over time!

Made in USA

We craft this Leather Zipper Pouch in our workshop in Worthington, MN, USA. Our master leathersmiths make sure that every piece of leather, every stitch sewn, and every thread trimmed is done to our highest standards. Our Leather Cases, including this zipper pouch are Made in USA and built to last.

American Bison Leather Goods - Made in USA Since 1972
Buffalo Leather

Full Grain Leather

Our Leather Zipper Pouch is made using Full Grain Leather. Full Grain Leather is the best grade leather and best quality leather. This type of leather is durable, breathable, and strong. It has not been sanded down, so it contains natural markings. Your Zipper Pouch will be as unique as you are!

Additional information
Dimensions 9 × 0.75 × 5.0 in


Classic, Clutch


69 Thread, American Bison Leather


Buffalo Billfold Company

Thread Color


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Leather Zipper Pouch

  1. Roger E. Dillon (verified owner)

    I was recently promoted at work, which requires me to utilize a messenger bag/briefcase. I ordered the Leather Zipper Pouch and received it within 48 hours! I’m going to use it to store pens, pencils, etc.The quality is top notch as always. Great build and the leather feels and smells incredible. I’ve also previously purchased wallets and the Leather Legal Pad Portfolio from The Buffalo Billfold Company. All excellent and highly durable products. True artisans! I believe my next purchase will be one of their belts. 100% recommended them for all of your leather needs.

  2. Noah (verified owner)

    I picked up this leather zipper pouch to use in my desk drawer. The inside is divided into two sections with a leather divider so it allows me to keep the contents organized. I’ve got tech cables/cords, adapters, camera cards, etc in one half of the inner pouch, and pencils/drawing tools on the other side. This is a great pouch for an artist, for anyone that uses tech, or anyone that keeps their work gear in a backpack/briefcase.
    I’ve got a couple of the smaller Buffalo Billfold Company leather pouches as well for other items. I can just toss them all in a bag and based on the color and size, grab the right one for the task each time.

    This leather pouch is a bit longer than the others I have so I tend to put longer writing tools in it, while I keep shorter sharpie-sized markers/pens in some of the other pouches. Once you have a couple of these, you’ll realize just how sharp they all look next to each other. I’ve had one pouch easily over 15 years and it’s practically like new still. It’s got a great patina and I have no doubt it will last ages to come.

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