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Leather Coin Purse with Zipper

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Do you find coins loose in your pockets, purse, home, or car? Keep them organized and in one place with this small leather coin purse with zipper. The precision glide zipper allows for fast reliable access to any coin currency! The coin purse comes in black, brown, and red leather. It’s easy to hold in your hand and will store about 2-3 handfuls of a mix of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or other similar sized currencies from countries outside the USA.

  • American Bison Leather
  • Smooth Glide Zipper
  • For Men or Women
  • Handcrafted & Made in USA
American Chestnut
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Leather Coin Purse with Zipper

This leather coin purse with zipper is perfect for men or women who want to keep coins organized in a pocket or purse. We make this using three different colors of American Bison leather. You can choose from black, brown, or red leather. We use full grain leather for the black and brown variants because it’s the best grade of leather that exists. Our red coin purse is made with the same full grain Bison leather, but we have it shrunk to create an even more densely fiber-packed leather and have a smooth backing added. The red, brown and black leather coin purse feature a smooth glide zipper that’s easy to open and close.

Leather Coin Purse with Zipper in black, brown, and red leather.
High Quality Nylon Zipper

High Quality Zipper

When you’re paying with coins you don’t want to be fumbling with a zipper that doesn’t open well. That’s why we’ve chosen to make this coin purse with a high quality smooth glide nylon zipper. You can zip it open and closed quickly because the material is more flexible. You’ll get in and out of stores faster and with less frustration because of this quick zipper!

Brown, Black, and Red Leather

We make this zippered coin purse in brown, black and red leather because we want to mimic natural colors found in nature. Our leather is exceptional and unique because we’ve developed our custom tanning methods for over 50 years. Customers can attest to the quality and durability. We’ve been working on the deep rich colors of our browns and blacks for years, continually striving to create the best leather for our products. And we’ve put all of this knowledge into our new red leather coin purse.

Black, Red, and Brown Leather Coin Purse with Zippers
Red Leather Coin Purse with Golden Stitching

Red Leather

We use American Bison leather to make this red coin purse because it’s strong and durable. It features natural red and orange tones that you’d find during a sunset, or in flowers on the prairie. You can open and close this red coin purse with a zipper that is smooth and easy to use. When we tan this leather, we have it shrunken to create an even more dense fiber structure, making it even stronger.

Brown Leather

We make our brown coin purse using full grain leather from American Bison hides. The brown tones are reminiscent of  the American Bison and how its warm wool coat looks in nature. We go the extra mile and add a special coating to the back of this brown leather so there is no need for any fabric lining that would weaken the product. You can open and close this brown coin purse with a smooth glide zipper.

Brown Leather Coin Purse with Zipper - Made in USA
Black Leather Coin Purse with Zipper - Made in USA

Black Leather

We handcraft this black coin purse from custom tanned American Bison full grain leather. We color it in natural tones to better represent the life of the American Bison. The black leather we use to make this it is akin to those deep black earth colors found in nature. It features a black smooth glide nylon zipper for opening and closing.

Zipper Coin Purse Made in USA

We handcraft this leather coin purse with a zipper in our workshop in Worthington, MN, USA. We ensure that every piece of leather, every stitch sewn, and every thread trimmed is done to our highest standards. These black, red and brown leather coin purses with zippers are Made in USA and built to last.

American Bison Leather Goods - Made in USA Since 1972
Buffalo Leather

Full Grain Leather

To make these cases we use Full Grain Leather and shrunken bison leather. Full Grain Leather is the best grade and best quality. It’s is durable, strong, and long lasting. Our leather contains all natural markings because it hasn’t been sanded and buffed. The shrunken bison leather is also full grain but has been shrunken to increase the density of the fibers and we’ve added a smooth coating to the back.

Additional information
Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 5 × .5 × 2.5 in

Buffalo Billfold Company


69 Thread, American Bison Leather, Smooth Slide Zipper


, ,

Thread Color



American Bison Leather, Zipper


Single Pouch Design




Bills, Coins


All Currencies

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Leather Coin Purse with Zipper

  1. Ivan S

    I wish they still used the brass zipper with this pouch…I guess every company start to cheap out at some point in time. Overall, I think it’s a quality product but the call on changing the zipper is a bad one and cheap, shame on whoever made the call to go through with it.

  2. Betty (verified owner)

    Got this Annie Oakley leather coin case for my granddaughter for Christmas 2 years ago. I tucked $20 in it and she couldn’t have been happier!! Thanks BBC!!

  3. The Rev Cynthia Montague (verified owner)

    I gave my older brother one of these. He’s pretty housebound these days and doesn’t fiddle with a large wallet, and doesn’t need to carry more than a couple cards and coins, some folding money, and this is great for that. His keys fit too. He and his son both like the Buffalo Billfold stamped on, and that it’s made in USA.

  4. logan90us (verified owner)

    It’s a bit smaller than I expected. But it’ll be perfect for my car to hold change and bills. Overall very satisfied with my first purchase from BBC

  5. Donna G Balabon

    I know its a coin purse but it also is just the right size for holding my ipod. Love it. Happy Valentines to me. Smiling always.

  6. Betty (verified owner)

    I gave these to my granddaughters for Christmas last year and they loved them!! They were excited to get something “Made In America””.

  7. paul (verified owner)

    I loved the coin pure so much I just ordered the bigger one for myself. I got the Annie Oakley one this time. Their well made and last a long time. Best coin holders ever made.

  8. frank

    quality and value expect some of buffalo bill’s stuff will be family heirlooms

  9. Susan Hays

    Just received one for Christmas, best gift ever! Size is perfect for credit cards, and cash, good bye bulky wallet!

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