Leather quality is more important that you might realize. We’ve worked with all different types of leather (American Bison is our favorite) and understand better than most how having the right types of leather matters. Here you can learn about leather through knowledge which we’ve accumulated over decades of handcrafting leather goods. You can also learn about¬†why we decided to make the switch to Buffalo leather.

Learn About Leather

Leather Grades & Leather Quality

Leather Tanning Types

  • Aldehyde Tanned Leather
  • Alum Tanned Leather
  • Brain Tanned Leather
  • Chrome Tanned Leather
  • Formaldehyde Tanned Leather
  • Rose Tanned Leather
  • Synthetic Tanned Leather
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather

Leather Tanning Differences

  • Environmentally Friendly Leather Tanning
  • Vegetable Tanned vs Chrome Tanned
  • Chrome Tanned Leather Environmental Impacts

Questions About Leather