What is Split Leather?

What is Split Leather? Split leather is created when the top grain of the leather is separated from the flesh grain of a hide. These two pieces are called the top split or grain split, and the flesh split or drop split. If the drop split is thick enough after the first splitting, it can be split again to obtain a middle split. Splitting the leather allows for a greater over all yield from a single animal.

What is the difference between the Top Split and Drop Split?

The main difference between the top split and the drop split is the density of fibrous grains. The Top Split is far more dense with fibers than the drop split. Top Splits are much stronger because of their increased fiber density.

What does Drop Split Leather look like?

Drop Split leather is fibrous and rough on both sides because of the splitting process. It is weaker and has a less dense fibrous composition. Because of this, it is more prone to tearing and in turn fetches a lower price than the top split.