What is Corrected Grain Leather?

Corrected Grain Leather / Corrected Top Grain Leather is leather which has been sanded. After leather is sanded it undergoes an embossing process to have an artificial grain applied. The embossed grain is applied to the outside of the leather because there was a desire to have a more uniform looking grain.

How is Corrected Top Grain Leather different from Top Grain Leather?

If you’re thinking that Corrected Grain Leather sounds quite a bit like Top Grain Leather, you’re right! The difference between Corrected Leather and Top Grain Leather is mainly that Corrected Grain Leather has an embossed grain pattern applied to the top of the leather.

Does Corrected Grain Leather come in different colors?

Corrected Grain Leathers often come in different colors for a few main reasons:

  1. Colors give designers more color options to use
  2. Colors give customers more choices
  3. Staining and Dying the leather to hide imperfections in the leather.

Are Corrected Grain Leathers strong?

Corrected Grain Leathers aren’t stronger than Full Grain Leathers. Anytime you sand off the top of a full grained leather, you’re weakening it. The leather gets weaker because you’re removing many non-horizontal fibers. Full grains are interweaving in varying patterns and serve to strengthen the leather and retain important oils. Oil retention is important in leather strength because the leather won’t wear out as fast.