What is the best type of leather?

Full Grain Leather is the best type of leather, setting other concerns aside. Sometimes the best type of leather is subjective to the way it is being used. If you need to have a leather that will last a long time and develop an amazing patina, then Full Grained Leathers are the best type of leather. If you need a smooth leather that has very few imperfections, but doesn’t last quite as long, then you need Top Grain Leather. To most people, the best types of leather are primarily determined by the use case. We believe the best type of leather is Full Grain Leather because it is the most dense, tears the least, and is the most natural form of leather.

What other types of leather are there?

There are many different grades and types of leather including full grain leather, top grain leather, genuine leather and more. You can head here to read more about different leather grades.