What is Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather is created from the lower part of the leather closest to the flesh. The top of the leather is sanded to be smooth, much like Top Grain Leather. The leather fibers in this portion of the hide are positioned in parallel to each other making it weaker than Full Grain or Top Grain leather. Genuine Leather is often embossed with a patter to give it a natural texture, and is the most common and abundant form of leather available today.

What products contain Genuine Leather?

You’ll find Genuine Leather in all sorts of products because it’s the most widely used form of leather. It could be in anything from a sofa, to a backpack, to a wallet. But that doesn’t mean it’s the strongest! Make sure you don’t overpay for this type of leather because it wears out faster that other types of leather.

Do Genuine Leathers come in different colors?

Genuine Leathers come in a variety of colors because it helps to mask any imperfections that can show after the leather has been sanded. Designers also have greater choices through a variety of leather colors. You might notice this most frequently when stepping into a car with leather upholstery. Or you might see this in a purse/wallet.