Grades of Leather: What are the different grades of leather?

Leather grades differ greatly and can significantly affect the qualities of leather goods produced. So what are the different grades of leather? Listed here are each leather grade from best to worst:

  1. Shrunken Full Grain Leather
  2. Full Grain Leather
  3. Top Grain Leather
  4. Corrected Grain Leather
  5. Split Leather
  6. Genuine Leather
  7. Bonded Leather


What grade does the Buffalo Billfold Company use?

We use American Bison Full Grain Leather and Shrunken Full Grain Leather because it’s the best leather there is. Full grain leather develops an amazing patina as it ages so it will look good for years to come. We’ve been perfecting our specially tanned leather for decades since 1972 and have landed on some amazing recipes. These tanning recipes get us the best, softest, highest quality leather that we know you’ll love. Our full grain leather goods come in the colors brown, black and russet red.