Handmade Leather Purse


This handmade leather purse is available in brown or black Buffalo leather. Our leathersmiths use real, high quality, full grain leather for every part when making this purse. Each leather purse is Made in USA and features an adjustable leather strap with brass buckle.


  • Bill Slot
  • Snap Coin Pocket
  • Vinyl Insert Pocket
  • Vinyl Insert (6 Card Slots)

We make each of our crossbody purse designs in various strap lengths to accommodate as many people as possible. To help us find the right fit for you, please tell us your height in the “order notes” section of the checkout page. Alternatively, you could state approximately how long you would like the strap to be (measuring from the shoulder to the top of the purse). We will do our best to help you find a great fit!


Handmade Leather Purse

Slip this handmade leather purse over your shoulder and feel how slim and trim it is against your side. This handmade purse is our original Trim Style Purse. It was designed for women with durability and fashion in mind. We don’t use any fabric in our handmade purses because fabric wears out so quickly. Our Leathersmiths use high quality leather. This slim womens purse is handcrafted using real leather from American Bison hides so it will last ages. We use this same strong leather in the adjustable purse strap. You can easily adjust the strap on this brown leather purse using the brass buckle, getting the fit just right. Customers love pairing this handmade brown purse with our french clutch wallet. This handmade leather purse is made in USA and built to last.

Handmade Purse – Made in USA

It can be hard to find quality leather goods now that so much is produced overseas. With everyone else racing to achieve the lowest price for their leather purses, their quality has dropped significantly. Since 1972, we’ve found that there is immense value to hiring local leather workers and keeping jobs in our community. By doing so, we’ve not bounced around from factory to factory, but have instead developed our leather tanning recipes, improved our leather working methods, and improved the quality of our leather goods. Our leather workers are hard working and dedicated to their craft. Their goal is to bring you something so high quality that it will last far longer than anything you’d buy off the shelf of a department store.  That’s why we make it our mission to keep this handmade leather purse and our other leather goods handcrafted and made entirely in the USA.

Handcrafted Leather Purse

Our brown leather purse is handcrafted from the finest Bison leather available. We handpick each piece of leather that goes into this handmade purse. Design is important, so we take great care to match leather grains, and use appropriate piece of leather in the correct places. We hand roll the edges on our handmade leather purse because artificial edges wear out quickly. Plus, hand rolled edges on a purse looks so much better! Before this handcrafted leather purse is finished, we’ve sewn the edges, hand buffed it using our own special methods, and ensured that it is quality checked. When this handmade leather purse leaves our shop, it’s in great condition!

Brown leather purse made from real full grain leather (the best leather available)

Our leather workers craft this handmade purse using the very highest quality leather. This best, longest lasting, type of leather is called full grain leather. It is so high quality because it’s taken from the very top of the Bison hide. You see, a hide is “split” into different layers. Top grain leather (which may sound the best) is actually second best, because it’s had all of the dense fiber structure sanded off the top to give an even smooth look. This significantly weakens the leather to the point that you have to use leather conditioners and lotions to keep it from cracking.

The full grained leather we use in this handmade leather purse has all of those dense grains left in. Before you start using the purse, you’ll see all of the natural grains of the outside of the Bisons hide. These will smooth out with use. But the difference is that our leather will develop a natural and amazing patina is it ages. And you don’t have to use any conditioners to try to repair this handmade brown purse.

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Buffalo Billfold Company


69 Thread, American Bison Leather, Brass Buckle



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