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National Bison Day

Saturday November 7th is NATIONAL BISON DAY.

The Buffalo Billfold Company finds this news exciting!

At the turn of the last century the American Bison was nearing the end of its existence. Essential to the life of the plains indian, the bison was indigenous to the plains and prairies. In the early 1800’s

more than 50 million roamed the western plains, by the 1890’s only 550 remained.

Conservation and Game laws brought this animal back from the brink of extinction.

This National Celebration extols the virtues of this monarch of the plains. We also salute the ranchers that saw promise in this animal. They directly increased it’s numbers exponentially. We also honor & credit native Americans for helping us understand the importance of this integral part of our environment.

The bison is good for the prairie, the bison is good for healthy diets, the bison is an important symbol of the American West.

At the Buffalo Billfold we find this day important because it is our confidence in the craftsman way of life, the command over materials, tools and processes that keep alive the pride in cottage industry. WE TOO CELEBRATE THE BISON!

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Your Friends at the Buffalo Billfold Company.

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