Dakota Sweet Grass Bison Ranch
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Dakota Sweet Grass Bison Ranch

Bill and Lauri Keitel, of the Buffalo Billfold Company, have loved working with Bison leather over the years and excited to announce the, “Dakota Sweet Grass Bison Ranch, our newest Bison venture and adventure!” They’re thrilled to be raising Bison, as well as working with Bison leather on a daily basis.

Bison Industry & Buffalo Billfold Company

The Buffalo Billfold Company has played an integral part in the Bison industry for nearly a quarter century. During this time we have tested, developed, and created formulas for tanning Buffalo hides to create the best leather. We make products using leather perfectly suited for that product. Our customers say that our leather goods are built to last decades or some even say a lifetime. You can find our Bison leather goods featured at Yellowstone National Park in the Yellowstone Lodge, at the Grand Canyon in the Bright Angel, at Custer State Park in South Dakota, and many other State and National Parks and Museums across the United States of America.

Bill and Lauri Keitel’s Journey

Before working with Bison leather Bill and Lauri, owners of the Buffalo Billfold Company, worked with cow hide and called their business “The Cow’s Outside.” Their experience and mastery using, and tanning, multiple types of leather (and even rattlesnake skin!) has brought them to where they are today.

Throughout this time they’ve always had a hankering to take their adventure one step further. Bill says, “We have embraced the western mystique of the American Bison, but in quiet moments we felt and reflected on the adage used in the cattle industry, ‘All hat and no cattle.'” That’s why they’re, “excited to announce the Dakota Sweet Grass Bison Ranch, another direction added to our curious journey of vertical integration in the Bison industry.”

Acquiring Bison for the Dakota Sweet Grass Bison Ranch

We purchased a herd of exceedingly high quality yearling heifers were purchased at the Denver Stock Show with the help of a good fried. We raise our Bison in the wilds of South Dakota, just south of Ted Turner’s Ranches. They will lead a quality, nutritional lifestyle. Our Bison are grass fed, free range, and all that good stuff. The Dakota Sweet Grass Bison Ranch is now breeding heifers. Bill says that, “in the coming year we hope to send out calving announcements!”

Our Gratitude Goes out to

  1. The highly skilled leathersmiths and managers at the Buffalo Billfold Company.
  2. Our kindred friends, Rod and Lynette Sather, whose knowledge and guidance in ranching has allowed us to take this journey further.
  3. Our kindred friends Jim and Judy Brandenburg (twice award winning, World Wildlife Photographer of the Year).

And to our valued customers, your patronage fuels our enthusiasm and makes our small leather goods business possible!

Bill and Lauri Keitel

Dakota Sweet Grass Bison Ranch