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Leather Flight Bags for Pilots – A Labor of Love

You’ve made our Leather Flight Bags for Pilots a massive hit. But we only make them when we’ve got some extra time on our hands. Hence, we haven’t made them for quite a while now. With a twist of curious fate I was recently approached by small a fleet of airline pilots (737,747 & McDonald Douglas pilots). They have all requested that I reconsider producing more. These pilots have seen our American Leather Flight Bags and do not want to retire without having one in their possession. To reconsider this project I have to make either 12 or 24 flight bags at a time to make the project feasible.

The phone continues to ring with pilots, and other people, wanting this leather flight bag. They recognize that this is not a flight bag that has lots of hype, only to have a label that says it is made in some far off land. This flight bag is a labor of love.  It is made by us, here in America, not just marketed by us. It is made by people you know.

Alas, we have relented and with a devil-may-care attitude, we have decided to go forth and produce this labor intensive piece of leather luggage. The Leather Flight Bag will be weeks in the making. We are crafting two versions this time. The first will be made of Brown Buffalo Leather. The second will be created using Black Buffalo Leather and Military Grade Ballistic Nylon with Sail Cloth Backing (creating a bag that is lighter weight but still very durable).

If you’re interested in a limited edition, historically correct, all Buffalo leather flight bag, consider giving us a call or order a brown leather flight bag online. We will reserve one for you. They will be complete and ready for shipment between now and Thanksgiving. I will personally oversee every detail until it arrives at your doorstep. The current batch of Leather Flight Bags are numbered #87 through #120 and initialed by the artisans that have handcrafted them for you.



Bill and Lauri Keitel

The Buffalo Billfold Company

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