Gathering Of Nations - PowWow
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Gathering of Nations

Gathering of Nations 2018

Each year we pack up and head to the Gathering of Nations. We’re are honored to have been chosen to be a part of this historic event. This gathering is the largest Powwow in America and has been since 1983. A powwow is a North American Indian ceremony that includes various activities including singing, dancing, and a large feast.

During this Powwow, and other Powwows, the Elders pass down historic traditions to the youth in order to preserve traditions. To learn more, check out the Gathering of Nations History.

Buffalo Billfold Company En Route

Gathering of Nations

We’ve been hard at work handcrafting leather goods and just finished loading them all up in our trailer. Today we struck out on the road with our compass and map pointing us toward the southwest of the United States. Our trailer is full to the brim with Bison leather wallets, belts, purses and more and we can’t wait to arrive!

Event Etiquette

We’d love to be able to show you photos, but in observance of the event etiquette, there are only certain times we’re allowed to take photographs. Etiquette comes in many forms during these events. Knowing and using the proper terminology is important to us, as we want to respect the Native American culture as best we can. We are learning more and more each year about the appropriate terminology for various things. Plus there are a lot of common sense things one should practice; such as not letting your curiosity get the best of you touching things that are interesting to you, such as the drums.

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