Wall Drug - South Dakota
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Wall Drug – South Dakota

Wall Drug – South Dakota

Ever been to Wall Drug in South Dakota? We have. Quite a few times. Our travels often take us all over the USA, but we often head to Wyoming via I-90 since that takes us through South Dakota. We’ve of course stopped in the highly advertised town of Wall, South Dakota to see what the fuss is about. We did this when we had our kids along back in the 90’s. We were on our way to the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming, and Wall Drug was a great location to get out and stretch our legs on this road trip. So, when our son decided to take his family out and meet us in the Bighorn Mountains this year, they decided to make a stop at Wall too.

A game to play in Wall Drug

With three kids in tow, they decided to play a game once they got to the drug store. They figured it’d be fun to work together to find the craziest Bison object they could find in the store. As they worked their way through the drugstore, they found all sorts of, “super cool toys” and things that elicited the response, “what’s that weird thing over there?” After a couple “I have to have this dad” finds, including a great book on wolves, they came away from Wall Drug with this treasure.

Best Wall Drug find: Bison Head Toy Car with Quad Exhaust

Yep. You heard right. Someone makes this crazy toy car. It’s got a Bison head, quad exhaust, and when you push it, it continues propelling itself forward for a while. They weren’t sure what they were going to find when they started looking, but they were pretty sure they weren’t going to find this car. Of course, the kids loved it. Who comes up with this wacky stuff?! Maybe… … … maybe this will be the next make/model of our RV? ;P

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