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Triple U Ranch

Mid summer we got a call from Kay Engle at the Triple U Ranch in Ft. Pierre. You would know that landscape in your imagination…. The Triple U Ranch was where the expansive prairie scenes in “Dances with Wolves” was filmed. Kay had a gal from France that had some particular experience with leather working and wondered if we might want an intern for a few weeks. Trusting Kay’s judgement we immediately said yes! We met half way in Mitchell SD and picked up Louise Robino…. She was delivered by a hired hand of the¬†Triple U Ranch and colt breaker (who’s name I’ve forgotten).

They were picking up a load of hay in Mitchel so it worked just fine.

Louise had the opportunity of working / apprenticing at Hermes leather in Paris. For those that aren’t familiar with Hermes (pronounced “air maize”), it happens to be the premier leather manufacturer in the world with hundreds of highly skilled leather smiths. Their purses start at perhaps $1,000 and quickly rise upward…..the “riff raff” of the world carries Louis Vitton and other lesser brands. Hmm…where does that leave us? So leaving the Triple U Ranch, Louise stayed a few short weeks with us and we enjoyed her company….She traveled to a few festivals with us and also got to see a real football game including having her picture taken with the winning team. She seemed quite please to be surrounded by these young, hot and sweaty gladiators.

One of the last events of the summer was the Custer State Park Buffalo Round Up. The weekend was perfect, I enjoyed playing to a standing room only crowd on Sunday, including the now traditional picture with this years Ms. Rodeo South Dakota, Vanessa Ternes of Belle Fourche. The Rodeo Queens are most often coming on stage as I am going off. Me with my shiny guitar and they with their shiny belt buckles and tiara’s. Met’em all…… Vanessa is a stunner!

Triple U Ranch - Buffalo Roundup

Good luck to..M.R.S.D….Lady in Waiting!

We then packed up and went to the south corrals to partake in watching the spectacle of the Round Up. A bridge spans the corrals so you can watch the entire process on culling the herd. Branding, inoculating, weighing, tagging , and then watching the gal veterinarian check the buffalo for pregnant or wet (nursing) cows. What a great way to understand what goes on in the life of herdsman and ranchers.

Triple U Ranch

Turn about and head to River Falls Wisc to the Ranch of Mark and Kathy Gehl – River Hill Buffalo/Bison for their October Fest.

Triple U Ranch

The leaves are turning and their ranch is situated in an idyllic setting. It too was perfect end to the summer.

We’ve straggled back home after a successful and eventful late summer sojourn. Our horses have been rode hard and put up wet. Our provisions & leathergoods have dwindled and our arrival back home has been a welcome relief.

Tomorrow we set about producing more stock for the coming year. We thank the dedicated people that work with us and we also thank those that have patronized us over the years. You fuel our engines.

We’ve enjoyed our time on the road and can reflect on the new and old friends that have surrounded us.

Bill and Lauri
Buffalo Billfold Company

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  1. Sonny Pippin says:

    I’m interested in seeing that Buffalo Ranch again since I’ve seen the movie Dances With Wolves & I thought t was an amazing & excellent movie.

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