Buffalo Leather RFID Wallet – RFID Blocking Protection


We handcraft our Buffalo Leather RFID Wallet from genuine American Bison leather. On the inner areas of the wallet we add RFID Protection in a way so you won’t even know it’s there. This leather RFID wallet will keep thieves and hackers away from your credit card chip data so your cards stay safe and secure. This RFID leather wallet is great for travel, or if you’re in crowded areas like a mall where people with RFID scanners can more easily get close to you. Our leather two fold RFID wallet is Made in USA and built to last!

The faraday shielding fabric we use blocks signals from sources such as WIFI, Bluetooth, RF Radio Frequency, EMI Electromagnetic interference, EMP, to GPS.

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Bifold Wallet Handcrafted & Made in USA

American Bison leather

When it comes to making our wallets, we do it the right way. We only use the highest quality, custom tanned American Bison full grain leather because it lasts the longest and looks the best as it ages. The Bison leather in this RFID wallet will develop an amazing patina over time because we haven’t buffed or sanded the top most layer of leather off to make it “perfectly” smooth. Doing that actually ruins the longevity and patina of the wallet because it takes away the best, most dense grains and fibers of the leather. The leather in this wallet is sourced almost entirely from American Bison ranches, making this “Made in USA RFID Wallet” the real deal.

Signal Blocking

RFID Shielding Fabric - Nickel Copper Coating

We use a RF Faraday fabric to shield incoming and outgoing signals from your wallet. You never know when or how a hacker might attack, so we use a fabric that can be used to block signals such as WIFI, bluetooth, RF Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS). With this fabric you can feel safe knowing that your data is secure and staying where it should be. Our fabric is polyester with a nickel copper coating.

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69 Thread, American Bison Leather, RFID Protective Mesh Fabric

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We source our Bison leather from USA ranches. We custom tan leather at tanneries in the USA. And we handcraft our leather goods at our workshop in Worthington, MN. From Prairie to Product, our leather goods are entirely Made in USA and built to last.
Made in USA