How to make a baseball
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How to make a baseball

Learn to make a baseball

What better past time than learning how to make a baseball.  You’ve spent years watching, playing, pitching and catching baseballs. So here is the chance to build your own! It is so simple that even an adult can do it! Stitching it up takes about forty five minutes. Below we’ll go over the steps to making a baseball, and how to stitch it. You can cut your own leather and thread, or get started quickly with our leather baseball kit. Whichever way you go, this is a fun craft project to do with kids!

Making a Baseball from Buffalo Leather
Making a Baseball from Buffalo Leather

Steps to making a baseball

It’s incredibly simple to make a ball, and when you pick up our leather baseball kit you’ll have all the materials you’ll need to get started.
  1. First we need to create or find a core to use in your new ball.
    1. If you want to make it hard, then find an old worn out baseball and use the core. The worn out baseball is out in your garage, at a neighbors house, or out on a baseball diamond. Go find it and take the cover off.
    2. If you want to make it softer, you can use something like rice or lentil beans.
  2. Notice the simple stitching method used to stitch it together. Look at the baseball you found, or in the pictures we’ve provided.
    1. Align the tiny “starting point” on each ball.
    2. Then put your pieces of leather together and start stitching.
    3. Make sure to pull the stitches tight around the core as you go.
  3. Once you’ve finished stitching, tie it off, and if you can, push the end of the thread into one of the holds in the leather to keep it out of the way. If your kids are doing this, help them out so they can get it snug!
  4. Now you can add some artwork, a name, logo, or whatever else. Make it your own! This is a creative activity that’s meant to be fun and enjoyed by all!
Now that you’ve been sitting a while, using those fine motor skills, it’d be a great time to head out side and have a catch and play some ball!
If you choose to use our kit, it comes with fully cut and punched pieces using American Bison leather. You’ll get sturdy thread and a leather stitching needle as well. Leather is harder to sew threw than fabric, so you should make sure you have a proper leather needle. This kit makes a great craft for kids, adults, players, coaches, teammates and sponsors.
Over time we have gotten creative and made all sorts of variations, so don’t limit yourself to just one, start your own creative collection. Pictured below are a few balls I’ve made using this pattern over the years.

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