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Leather Writing Journals & Notebooks

Get your creative juices flowing with our leather writing journals & notebooks! Jot down ideas in our leather field notes wallet while you’re out and about so you don’t forget them. Write song lyrics in the leather song journal so you have them in one place. Keep a daily journal with a personalized journal and your favorite pen or pencil. Need to take quick notes? Try out a leather flip style notepad because it’s small and quick to open. We make these journals in brown, black and russet red Buffalo leather. All of our Journals and Notebooks are Made in USA from full grain leather.

Leather Writing Portfolios & Binders

You can showcase your work in a business meeting, for high class presentations, or for taking notes in style with our handmade leather writing portfolios & binders. We handpick the leather used in our portfolios and binders. We handcraft our leather 3 Ring binders from thick Buffalo leather because it feels luxurious in your hand. These portfolios and binders are made in USA and built to last.