Buffalo Billfold Company Schedule

Buffalo Billfold Company - Schedule on the road

Bill & Lauri Keitel take the Buffalo Billfold Company on the road each year. Their travels take them to both familiar and new destinations with venues ranging from juried art festivals, merchandise marts, gift shows and more. Bill Keitel, a proficient guitarist, can be seen playing at select festivals building a crowd as he strums, pics and sings with his resonator guitar and voice. While Bill is busy playing his wife Lauri can be found attending the Buffalo Billfold Company’s booth. Make sure to stop by and say hi!

2020 Bookings & Buffalo Billfold Company Calendar

Jan. 17th-19th Denver, CO- Colorado Indian Market
Jan. 22nd-24th Denver Co- National Bison Assoc.

Feb. 5th-9th Tubac, AZ. Tubac Art Fest.
Feb. 14th-16 Wickenburg, AZ. Wickenburg Art Fest.
Feb. 21-23 Denver, Co. Rocky Mtn. Gift Show (wholesale only)
Feb. 24-March 5th-TBD

March 13th-15th Scottsdale, AZ. Art Festival
March. 20-22nd Tucson,AZ Fourth Street Art Fair
March. 27th-29th Tempe, AZ. Tempe Festival of the Arts.

April 3-4 Minnesota Bison Assoc. (Tour BBC)

2019 Bookings & Buffalo Billfold Company Calendar

Jan. 18-20 Colorado Indian Market-Denver, Colo. Merchandise Mart
Jan. 26-27 Jewell Art Festival-River Center-Tucson, AZ.
Feb. 2-3  Jewell Art Festival-Mercado Del Lago-Tucson,AZ.
Feb. 6-10 TUBAC ART FAIR-Tubac, AZ
Feb. 14-16 Cave Creek Ranch-private
Feb. 22-25 Rocky Mountain Gift Show-Denver, Colo. Merchandise Mart (closed to public)
March 22-24 Tucson Street Fair-Tucson, AZ.
March 29-31 Tempe Festival of the Arts-Tempe, AZ.
April 6-7 Ventana Village Jewell Art Festival-Tucson, AZ.
July 13-14 Brookings Summer Arts Festival-Brookings, S. Dakota
July 18-21 Longmire Days-Buffalo, Wyoming (tentative)
July 25-28 *TBA
Aug. 2-4 Sweet Pea Festival, Bozeman, MT.  (tentative)
Aug. 9-11 *TBA
Sept. 7 Sioux Falls SideWalk Art-Sioux Falls, S. Dakota

2018 Bookings & Buffalo Billfold Company Calendar

Jan 19-21 Colorado Indian Market

Feb. 3-4 Cave Creek AZ. Frontier town

Feb. 7-11 Tubac Art Fest, Tubac, AZ

Feb17-18 Tangerine Crossing Shopping Center Tucson, AZ.

Feb. 23-26 Rocky Mountain Gift Show, Denver, Colo

March. 9-12 U.M.A.G.A. Minneapolis/Edina, Minnesota

April 27-29 Gathering of Nations, Albuquerque, NM (Pending)

June 2-4 Edina Art Fest

June 8-10 Wgtn. Windsurfing Regatta

June 16-17 Stone Arch Bridge Fest-Minneapolis, MN

June 22-24 Des Moine Art Fest (pending)

July 20-22 To be announced

July 27-29 To be announced

Aug. 3-5 To Be announced

Aug. 10-12 To be announced

Aug. 17-19 To be announced

Sept, 8 Sioux Falls, SD SideWalk Art fest.

2016 Bookings & Buffalo Billfold Company Calendar

June 3-4-5 Edina Festival of the Arts Edina, MN
June 10-11-12 U.C.L.A.
June 17-18-19 Stone Arch Bridge Festival-Mpls, MN.
July 9-10 Brookings Summer Arts Festival, Brookings,South Dakota
July14-15-16 Fargo Street Fair-Fargo, North Dakota
July 29-30-31 Breckenridge Main Street Art Festival-Breckenridge, Colorado
August 5-6-7 Sweet Pea Festival-Bozeman, Montana
August 19-20-21 Bay Front Arts Fest-Tall Ships Festival – Duluth, MN
Sept. 2-3-4
Sept. 10th Sioux Falls Art on the Sidewalk-Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sept. 29-30- Custer State Park Buffalo Round-Up-Custer, South Dakota

2013 Bookings & BBC Calendar

January 18-20 Colorado Indian Market Denver Merchandise Mart
January 24-26 Dragoon Mtns.
February 1-3 Carefree Arizona – Art Festival
February 6-10 Tubac Arizona
February 11-13 McNerney Archeological/Geological/Ornithological Journey of Discovery
February 15-17 Cave Creek Arizona-Art Festival
February 21-26 Denver Gift Show-Denver, Colorado
June 1st – 2nd Edina Art Fest Edina MN
June 7,8,9 Worthington Windsurfing Regatta-UnVarnished Music Festival
June 15-16 Stone Arch Bridge Festival – St. Paul-Mpls
June 20-30 Alaska Days
July 12-14 Brookings Summer Art Fest-Brookings, SD
July 18,19,20 Fargo Street Fair-Fargo ND.
Aug. 2-4 UpTown Art Fest. Mpls, MN
Aug. 9-11 McNerney Fest
Aug. 31-Sept 1 ArtSplash-Sioux City, Iowa
Sept. 7 SideWalk Art Fest-Sioux Falls, SD
Sept.27-30 Custer State Park Buffalo Round Up-Custer, SD.
Oct.3-13 TBA

Please also note that we will be planning some independent road trips both NorthWesterly and Easterly during the open weeks during the summer months. Coming to a trading post near you!

2012 Bookings & BBC Calendar

Oct. 29-2011 Charleville-Mezieres France-Dance Club Musique’ Oct. 29-2011 Charleville-Mezieres France-Bouton Radio une parole differente’ Musique’
Dec 9th 2011 Old Court House Museum-Winter Concert Series-Bill-Solo performance-Sioux Falls SD.
Jan 20-21-22 2012 Colorado Indian Market- Denver, Co.
Jan 19-21 2012 National Bison Assoc. Winter Conference – Denver, Co.
Feb 25-28 2012 Denver Gift Show
Feb.17-18-19 2012 Wickenburg AZ-Gold Rush Days
Feb 8-12 2012 Tubac Art Festival, Tubac AZ
Feb 2-3-4 2012 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation-American Sports Expo- Las Vegas NV
Apr 27,28,29 2012 Minnesota Horse Expo-St. Paul, MN. Haley Moore
Apr 20,21,22 2012 Midwest Horse Expo-Madison WI Haley Moore
June 1,2,3 Edina Art Festival,
June 8,9,10 Worthington Windsurfing Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival,
June 16 & 17 Stone Arch Festival, St. Paul,/ Mpls. MN.,
July 2,3,4 Cody Wyo.,
July 6,7,8 Big Horn Mtn.Festival – Buffalo, Wyoming,
July 14 & 15 Brookings Summer Art Festival, Brookings, SD.,
July 18,19,20,21 Fargo Art Festival, Fargo, SD.,
Aug. 3,4,5 Uptown Art Festival, Mpls. MN.,
Aug 17 2012 Musica’  at Perkins Farm/Ranch-Peace Corps Reunion-(private invite)
Sept. 8th 2011 Sioux Falls Sidewalk Art Festival, Sioux Falls SD.,
Sep 8th 2012 Sioux Falls Sidewalk Art Festival -Sioux Falls, SD,
Sep 22-23-24 Custer State Park Buffalo Round-Up

2011 Bookings & BBC Calendar

Jan.21-23 Denver Indian Market
Jan. 30-Feb. 3 McNerney Archeo/Paleo/Geologic/Birding Journey of Discovery – Arizona
Feb. 4-7 Seattle Gift Show-Haley Moore-BBC
Feb. 4-7 Carefree, AZ.- Dixie Green Production
Feb. 9-13 Tubac Art Festival, Tubac, AZ.
Feb. 18-20 CaveCreek AZ. Dixie Green Productions
Feb. 25-March 1st. Denver Gift Show-Denver Merchandise Mart-Denver, CO.
March 25-27 Texas Indian Market-Arlington, TX.
April 29-May 1st. Minnesota Horse Expo-ST. Paul MN. 2X Rodeo Queen-Haley Moore in attendance
June 3-4-5 Edina Mn-Edina Art Festival
June 10-11 Unvarnished Music Festival-Worthington Windsurfing Regatta
June 18-19 Stone Arch Festival-Mpls. MN
June 24-25-26 Hardin MT.
July 2-3-4 Cody Wyoming-Wild West Exposition
July 9-10 Brookings SD. Summer Art Festival
July 15-16 McNerney Fest Colorado
Aug.5-6-7 Uptown Art Festival-Mpls MN.
Sept. 10th Sidewalk Art Festival-Sioux Falls SD.
Septembre-Festival Mondial Theatres Des De Marionnettes-Charleville-Mezieres Ardennes France
(spectators only!)
Sept. 24-25-26 Custer Buffalo Roundup. Custer State Park-SD.

2010 Bookings & BBC Calendar

Jan. 30-Feb. 3 McNerney Archeo/Paleo/Geologic/Birding Journey of Discovery – Arizona
Feb. 4-7 Seattle Gift Show-Haley Moore-BBC
Feb. 4-7 Carefree, AZ.- Dixie Green Production
Feb. 9-13 Tubac Art Festival, Tubac, AZ.
Feb. 18-20 CaveCreek AZ. Dixie Green Productions
Feb. 25-March 1st. Denver Gift Show-Denver Merchandise Mart-Denver, CO
March 20th Historic Dayton House-Musica’ Montesori School Fundraiser (call for details) 507-372-2021
March 21 Historic Dayton House- 2:00 to 4:00 Musica’ Historica’ -Annual Meeting
March 25-27 Texas Indian Market-Arlington, TX
March 28 short interview by Paul La Roche’- Brule (road notes) for BBC and musica’ with Bill w/ Paul Naumkeg Arlington Convention Center http://www.brulerecords.com/paul.cfm
April 1st Film shoot – Pioneer Public Television-Ben Lees-Music-”Postcards special edition”
April 1st Worthington Cable 3 Television-Ben Lees – Music
April 7th BBC-Matt Entenza For Governor-Film shoot
April 9-10 Rochester Mn. Grand Kahler Hotel-MNBA-Music
April 22 Fairmont-Minnesota Cable Televison-Our Story Production (Wgtn. Windsurfing) Home for two months – production
April 29-May 1st. Minnesota Horse Expo-ST. Paul MN. 2X Rodeo Queen-Haley Moore in attendance
June 4,5,6 Edina Art Festival
June 10-11 Unvarnished Music Festival-Worthington Windsurfing Regatta
June 18-19th StoneArch Festival Mpls. MN.
June 24th Strawbale Winery-Sioux Falls- Music-inquire @ www.Strawbalewinery.com-
June 24-25-26 Hardin MT.
July 1,2,3,4th Cody, Wyoming Wild West Extravagana
July 2-3-4 Cody Wyoming
July 6th – Keystone/Otho – Meeting The Need-one night concert – inquire @www.Meetingtheneed.com
July 10-11-12 Brookings SD. Art Festival
July 15-16 McNerney Fest Colorado
August 6-7-8 Uptown Art Festival-Mpls. MN.
Sept. 10th Sidewalk Art Festival-Sioux Falls SD.
September-Festival Mondial Theatres Des De Marionnettes-Charleville-Mezieres Ardennes France
(spectators only!)
Sept. 24,25,26,27th-Custer Buffalo Round Up

2009 Bookings & Calendar

Jan 20-23 Buffalo Billfold is one of the main sponsors of the 2009 National Bison Assoc. Annual Conference
Jan 24 28- Enroute
Feb. 4-8 Tubac AZ. Artfestival
Feb. 12-15 Wickenburg AZ.
Feb. 20-22 Fountain Hills/not confirmed
Feb. 27- March 3rd Denver CO. Denver Merchandise Mart 58th ST.
March 20-22 South Dakota Horse Fair-Sioux Falls
June 5th-6th Edina Art Festival
June 12-14 Wgtn. Unvarnished Music/Worthington Windsurfing
June 19-21 Stone Arch Bridge Festival-Mpls MN.
July 1-4th Cody Wy. Festival-Western Extravaganza
July 10-13 Brookings SD &Summer Arts Festival
July 17th-19th McNerney Fest
August 7th – 9th Uptown Artfestival Mpls. MN.
August 11-20th enroute Montreal,Quebec
August 10-24th enroute Montreal,Quebec & NB-NS
Aug. 14th Musica’- Chalet du Mont Royal at Mont Royal Park Montreal CA
Sept. 4 & 5 Art Splash- Sioux City Iowa
Sept. 26th Custer State Park Buffalo Round Up – Custer South Dakota

2008 Bookings & Calendar

Feb. 2nd thru 17th Tucson Rock,Gem and Mineral Show
Feb. 6th thru 10th Tubac Art Festival – Tubac, AZ
Feb 23-26th Denver Merchandise Mart, Denver Colo.
April 4-5 Minn. Buffalo Assoc. Conference, Walker MN.
April 25,26,27 MN. Horse Expo- St. Paul
June 28 Artfalls-Sioux Falls SD
July 2,3,4 Frontier Days Cody Wyo.
July 11 -13 Brookings Summer Arts Festival
Aug. 1-3rd Uptown Arts Festival-Minneapolis
Sept. 6th Side Walk Arts Festival Sioux Falls SD
Sept. 19-21 Western Extravaganza- Sioux Falls SD
Sept 27,28,29, Custer Buffalo Round Up Custer SD.
Oct. 4th – River Hills Buffalo Ranch- River Falls WI.
Oct. 19th Dayton House private invite
Nov. 13th Channel 3-United Way Telethon

2007 Bookings & Calendar

Jan 27-? Tuscon Electric Park-Kino Sports Complex
Feb. 23-27 Denver Merchandise Mart
March 30 & 31 Minnesota Buffalo Assoc. Morton Minnesota
Minnesota Horse Expo-St. Paul MN. April 27,28,29
May7th Century Club (private invite)
May 26 Spomer Vintage Signage Museum & Car Show – performing “Tunes of Travel and Transportaton”
June 8-10 Wgtn. Windsurfing & Unvarnished Music Fest
June 16 and 17th Stone Arch Festival – Saint Paul MN
June 27th Chautauqua Park – Band Shell Wgtn
June 30-July 1st ArtFalls-Sioux Falls SD
July 14-15 Brookings SD. Summer Art
July 20-22 Carbondale IL. – McNerney Fest
July 24-27 International Bison Conference-Rapid City, SD Event “Building & Bison Industry” – a featured speaker B. Keitel) Sept. 28-30 Custer Buffalo Round Up-Custer S.D.
Oct 6th-Gehl Buffalo Hill Ranch-Wisconsin – Octoberfest

2006 Bookings & Calendar

Feb. 24-27 Denver Merchandise Mart
April 1-4 Rapid City, S.D.
June 24 Art Falls, Sioux Falls SD
July 7,8,9 Brookings Art Festival S.D.
July 14-15 Spearfish Arts in the Park – Saturday-main stage – 11:00-12:00
July 21-23 Des Moines IA. Auntie Mav’s
Aug. 4-6 Uptown Art
Sept 9th Sioux Falls Sidewalk Arts Festival
Sept 20th New Dawn-Prairie View performance 11-12:00
Sept. 29th-Oct.1st or 2nd-Custer Buffalo Round Up-Custer State Park

2005 Bookings & Calendar

KCAU TV Portland OR. – U.S. Windsurfing.
Jan. 19-21 Westminster, Colorado – National Bison Assoc.
Feb. 24 thru March 1st Denver Merchandise Mart
March 19 MN. Bison Assoc. Luverne, MN.
April 2-5 Rapid City Gift Show Rapid City, SD.
May 5 C.C.S.I. employee appreciation (private invite only)
May 7 Madison, WI “shufflin on Sylvan Ave.” Private invite
May 20th Historic Dayton House Bossert/Traphagen farewell-Tiny lil’ hole in my heart.

Once each month this incredible venue offers the public an open night. I’ve enjoyed performing at Minnesota’s most detailed historic restoration. Hats off to the Dayton family and those dedicated folks on the “Historic Worthington” board. Currently, Minnesota’s best kept secret.

June 10-13 Unvarnished Music Festival Wgtn. MN. www.worthingtonwindsurfing.com
June 25-26 ArtFalls-Sioux Falls SD. www.artfalls.com
July 9-10 Brookings Art Festival Brookings SD
July 16-17 Spearfish Art Fest main stage 7/16 12:00-1:00 7/17 1-2 Spearfish SD
July 25 Hood River OR USWA
August 5,6 & 7 Uptown Art Festival Mpls, MN We’re on the Mall
Sept 10th Sioux Falls Sidewalk Art.
Oct. 1-3 Custer Buffalo Roundup, Custer SD. main stage-opening performance
Oct 8 Dayton House – private invite only

2004 Bookings & Calendar

Feb 16 C.C.S. I. performance private-invite only
Feb 27 to March 2nd Denver Merchandise Mart – Denver gift Show
March 4 to 12 New Mexico & Arizona – road trip
March 25 Creole Cafe’
March 30 Kinbrae Supper Club (private, invite only)
April 3rd thru 6th Rapid City Gift Show
April 25 Tommy Jacks-Cajon Grill Cody,Wy
June 11 thru 13 Unvarnished Music Festival
June 26 & 27 Artfalls Sioux Falls S.D
July 4 Chautauqua Park – Wgtn. MN. – July 4th
July 10 & 11 Brookings S.D. nbsp;summer art festival
Aug. 28-9 Waconia (MN) Wind & Wave
Sept 4 & 5 Art Splash Sioux City, Iowa
Sept 10 Slayton, MN – County Fairgrounds
Sept 11 Sioux Falls, SD Sidewalk Art Festival
Sept. 25th HISTORIC DAYTON HOUSE (1st private premier) Wgtn, MN.
Sept. 25 private party – invite only 4-7
Oct 1-4 Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup, Custer, SD
Oct. 5th Denver CO
Oct. 6th Pueblo CO
Oct. 7th Taos NM
Oct. 8th Santa Fe NM
Oct. 9th Albuquerque NM
Oct 10th-14th points unknown
Oct 28 – Nov 1 St Petersburg USWA
Nov 9 United Way Fund Drive Channel 3 Local Accesss 7-7:30pm Approx
Nov.13 Northland Mall-Fashion Show- 2 to 4 Music of Trinidad / Hot Carribean Musica’
Dec 16 Historic Dayton House – Wells Fargo Invitation Only

2003 Bookings & Calendar

Feb.14th C.C.S. I. Wgtn. Annual Banquet – (private invite only) both am and pm
Feb. 22 thru 25 Denver Merchandise Mart.
June 10 – 15 Unvarnished Music Festival
June 28 – 29 Art Falls- Sioux Fall SD
June 24 – KSFY TV – Doug Lund -Special
July 12 – 13 Brookings Art Festival Brookings SD
July 26 Blue Mounds Writers Series – Blue Mounds State Park
July 18 – 20 Spearfish SD. Art in the Park
Aug. 1-3 Uptown Art Festival- Mpls. Mn.
Aug. 8-10 Game Faire Anoka, Mn.
Aug. 15-17 Game Faire Anoka, Mn.
Aug. 15-17 Yankton, SD. Area Arts?
Sept. 26-29 Custer Buffalo round up-Custer SD.

2002 Bookings & Calendar

Jan 11 Left Bank Cafe-Slayton MN
Feb. 23-26 Denver Mart
Feb. 27 Merrit Island Fl. U.S.W.A.
April 4 – Prairie House
April 7-9 Yor-R.C. Gift show- Rapid City SD.
April 13th Michaels Restaraunt – (private invite only)
April 19, 20, 21- Reading Mn. Community Center.
May 22-27 U.S.W.A.
June 7-8-9 Unvarnished Music festival (http://www.wgtn.net/wow)
July 13-14 Brookings SD Summer Arts fest.
July 19021 Spearfish SD. Festival in the Park
July 24 – City Band Concert – Chautauqua Park- Guest performer Wgtn. MN.
July 27-28 ArtFalls- Sioux Falls SD. Performances both days: check local ArtFest schedule for times
Aug. 2-3-4 Uptown art festival
Aug 10 – Blue Mound Writers Series-Blue Mound State Park Luverne
Aug. 16-18 Yankton Summer Arts Festival
Sept. 7th Sidewalk Arts Festival- Sioux Falls SD.
Sept 28, 29 & 30 Custer Buffalo Roundup: Sat AM Performance & Monday AM performance at the Buffalo Corrals

2001 Bookings & Calendar

Phoenix-O.A.S.I.S. Feb. 2-5th
Denver Swallow Hill-Feb-22 open stage
Denver Mart. Feb. 23-27
Left Bank Cafe Slayton, MN. March 2 KSTP-St.Paul T.V. Jason Davis-On the Road
U.M.A.G.A. Mpls, MN. 10-12 March
University of Minnesota, Morris – Record March 24
Rapid City, SD Minerva’s L. Yordy benefit 4-7
Rapid City SD Borders Books April 8
Wgtn. Mn. Michaels restaurant private invite April 19
Adrian, Mn. Arnold Memorial Volunteer Banquet April 24
Mpls. MN. ”The House” May 12
Worthington Mn. Unvarnished Music Festival June 8-9-10
Smokin Jakes- Barbeque House-Okoboji IA. June 19 B.A.F.
Habit for Humanity. July 6
Smokin Jakes- Barbeque House-Okoboji IA. July 7th (9- to 11)
Brookings Art Festival July 14th
July 13th 6:00 main stage & July 14th 6:00 pm west stage.
Spearfish S.Dakota- art festival July 20-22
Sioux Falls, SD. Art Falls, July 28-29
Art in the Courtyard. Aug 4 – Wgtn
Luverne, MN. Blue Mound State Park Writers Series – Aug. 4 (early eve)
Yankton, SD. riverboat fest – Aug. 17
Denver, CO Aug. 24-28
Sioux Falls sidewalk art fest. Sept. 8th
Luverne-”Touch the Sky Prairie” Dedication Ceremony Brandenburg Prairie Dedication Old Court House Museum, Sioux Falls SD. – (Noon performance) Sept 22
Custer SD. Buffalo round up and Festival Sept 29-31
Old Court House Museum, Sioux Falls SD. Nov 9 12pm

2000 Bookings & Calendar

Historic Decker House Hotel Maquoketa, Iowa June 17
Columbia University I.G.S. New York NY. June 13-18
Smokin Jakes-Okoboji, Iowa June 27th
National Guard Armory – Luverne Mn. July 22
Blue Mound Writers Series Luverne MN. July 24
T.R.A.M.(the ride across Mn.) July 24
Uptown Art Festival – Mpls, MN. Aug. 7 & 8
Sioux Fall Sidewalk Art Festival Sept. 11
King Turkey Days Celebration-Wgtn. Mn. Sept. 18
Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup & Festival Sept. 30th
Bedford Industries(private-invite only) Oct. 8th

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  1. JOHN C SCHULTZ says:

    Wondering about a leather camera bag. Medium/large size style to hold a Canon EOS 5D MKIII (full frame DSLR), at least 3 lenses, belly band or side pockets for batteries, remote controls and a top? pouch to hold misc stuff like filters, USB storage, Ethernet cables, etc. and a slot for a laptop.

    I currently have an Amazon Basics that has seen heavy usage and the shoulder straps are coming apart.

    This is a lot of leather pieces so might not be practical but thought I would ask.

  2. Konni Waltrip says:

    Hi. Will you be in Tubac this year at the Art Festival Feb 5 – Feb 9, 2020 ?
    We are hoping to see you.

    1. billkeitel says:

      We’ll be there!

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