Buffalo Billfold Company - 40 Year Anniversary

Buffalo Billfold Company

In 1972 Bill and Lauri Keitel moved to Worthington Minnesota to start their first business endeavor. It is our confidence in the craftsman’s way of life, the command over materials, tools and the processes that keep alive the pride in craft industries.

The Buffalo Billfold Company hand crafts all of its products. In an era of ruthlessly cheap imports, we pride ourselves in our own work. All of our leather goods are made in USA. Look for our company logo branded to our products to make sure you’re getting the best – accept no imitations!

Leather Goods – High Quality and Made in USA

The Buffalo Billfold Company makes full grain leather goods from the best American Bison hide and the highest quality materials. Our leather products are 100% made in USA and built to stand the test of time.

Buffalo Billfold Company – TPT Postcards

Buffalo Billfold Company was featured on an episode of TPT postcards. Check out the main floor of our store and head down to the leather workshop and hear about how our leather goods are made.