Buffalo Biker Billfold

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Secure your money in this handmade Buffalo Biker Wallet. Our biker chain wallet uses full grain leather because it’s stronger and got more character than top grain leather. This chain leather wallet is made in the USA and built to last!

  • American Buffalo Leather
  • 12 Inch Steel Nickel Plated Chain
  • Belt Loop w/ Buffalo Nickel Snap
  • Solid Fasteners
  • Zipper Pocket
  • Handcrafted & Made in America

Buffalo Leather Belts go great with our leather biker wallet!


A Leather Chain Wallet we call the Buffalo Biker Billfold

Secure your money with our Buffalo Biker Billfold. This leather chain wallet is handmade from American Bison leather because it’s tough, durable, and wears like iron. We have such high quality, full grain leather because we have perfected our own, unique, leather tanning recipes over decades. Leathersmiths at the Buffalo Billfold Company hand pick each piece of bison leather that goes into this chain wallet. And you can be assured that this wallet uses the strongest & most durable snaps, zippers and chains. You can also store your coins in the zipper pouch of this mens zipper wallet.  So go ahead and clip this wallet on and know that it will stay attached when you’re out for your day. Look for our Buffalo Billfold Company brand and accept no overseas imitations. We make all of our leather wallets, including this mens leather wallet with chain, at our workshop in Worthington, Minnesota and are proud to say it’s Made in USA.

Secure Your Money with a Mens Leather Wallet with Chain

A wallet with a chain will keep your money safe since the wallet will be attached to your belt. If you’re a biker and need to keep your wallet from falling while riding, this is a great solution! The leather in this wallet is durable, rugged, and time tested. The Buffalo Biker Billfold is rock solid & built to last.

Mens Zipper Wallet with a Spot For Coins

Need a spot for for your coins? The Buffalo Biker Billfold has a zipper pouch inside! A mens zipper wallet can be a great thing for bikers, or anyone, that needs a spot for coins.

Genuine Buffalo Nickel

Our mens leather wallet with chain is a sturdy wallet with a unique design. This high quality mens wallet features a Bison Nickel snap so you can attach it to your belt in style. This mens zipper wallet is handmade from brown or black full grain leather and has unique designs and patterns based on the life the Bison led!

Additional information
Weight 8.5 oz
Dimensions 7.2 × 0.8 × 3.9 in

Buffalo Billfold Company


69 Thread, Black American Bison Leather, Brown American Bison Leather, Genuine Buffalo Nickel, Stainless Steel Snaps, Steel Chain Nickel Plated




American Bison Leather, Buffalo Nickel Snap, Genuine Buffalo Nickel, Nickel Plated Steel Chain


Bill Slot, Coin Case




Bills, Coins



Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Buffalo Biker Billfold

  1. Heather

    5+ star. Spectacular service and quality. I have been looking for a biker billfold of this quality for years. Soft and supple leather made sturdy to last. Very reasonably priced for the quality. The big bike brand wallets are now 2 thin pieces of leather enforced with cardboard for double the cost. The Buffalo Billfold Companies Biker Wallet is a solid piece of buffalo assembled in the USA by the people who answer the phone and care about your business. It is not only a sturdy functional wallet it is a handmade piece of art. Thank you so much for filling my order quickly and pleasantly my boyfriend will use it for years!

  2. Sam Guerra (verified owner)

    I bought this wallet for my dad as he loves bifold wallets. He is also quite old so having the chain loop keeps him sure he has it on him. Great quality construction and it looks awesome. Plenty of storage and photo holder option to keep everything important

  3. Maria Huhn (verified owner)

    Purchased the Biker wallet for my husband as a Christmas gift. It came right on time and hubby loves the quality of the wallet. It’s soft and fit perfectly in his back pocket. The quality of the leather and the craftsmanship is excellent. The zippers and buttons are easy to open and close. We are very pleased with the purchase and would definitely recommend you. I referred one of our fried s to your website and they also purchased a wallet.

  4. Jeff (verified owner)

    I just received my biker wallet in black. Looks to be well made, just wish the main pocket was 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer. Dollar bills just barely fit and are going to be hard to slip in and out. Probably won’t be using this wallet as a daily like i had hoped. May just toss it in the glove box to hold my insurance card. Had high hopes.

    • billkeitel

      Hi Jeff,
      Sorry it’s not quite long enough for what you were looking for. If you haven’t used your biker billfold yet and would like to send it back for a refund go ahead! We also have the “Dakota Slim” which is longer but has a different design and no chain. Not sure how set you are on the design.


  5. John B (verified owner)

    The price for the wallet is fantastic and unbeatable.

    The leather itself is tanned well and will outlast standard cow leather. It also has a nice elasticity-like feel to it that I believe will help it last longer too.

    The reasons I only give it a three-star rating though:

    It’s not quite as long as the description says it is. The inside ‘pockets’/slots don’t hold things like my cards and similar stuff nearly as well as my last standard leather biker wallet did. The whole wallet needs to be about a half an inch longer.

    The biggest, and worst gripe about this wallet that I have…the chain hole, where the chain connects the wallet to the chain, is on the completely wrong corner!

    When the wallet is put in the back pocket (for instance the right side back pocket), the button of the wallet should be facing *away* from ones butt outward and the chain connection/hole in the wallet should be on the upper right corner of the wallet looking at it from behind.

    As it is, I have to put the wallet in with the button against my butt cheek (uncomfortable when I sit down!), and when I remove the wallet to get money or whatever, I have to twist the wallet around to open it and the chain gets knotted up and I have to spend time ‘unwinding’ it to make it lay loose once again. This tends to be a real PITA if one uses the wallet often during a day.

    If one puts the wallet in with the buttons facing away from ones butt, outward, then the chain has to hang across the top of the wallet and can hang on the inside between it and ones butt and when you sit down it’s even worse than feeling the buttons against your rear-end *and* shortens the chain length as it hangs when one is standing or relaxed.

    Unfortunately my overall happiness with this wallet isn’t what I hoped it would be. I survive on a disability check and this was an expenditure I could barely afford but is an absolute necessity to me as my only transportation is my bike.

    • Buffalo Billfold Company

      Hi from the BBC John,
      We strive to make the best products available and if you are disappointed send it back. There are a few different sizes in truckers/bikers wallets and we only make the “medium” size.  The larger/longer one seems to stick out of most pockets too far, while the smaller one doesn’t hold bills very well. Regarding placement of the eyelet it has been an ongoing discussion that we’ve compared with many brands. We’ve settled on that particular side but could easily put an eyelet on the other side if you’d like. (Takes 2 minutes). Either way we appreciate your candor and your patronage.
      Bill Keitel

  6. Ken McGrew (verified owner)

    I have searched a long time for a good quality biker long wallet. I originally went with an overpriced Harley Davidson wallet that began to fall apart in little time. Time will tell, but so far I am very pleased with my Buffalo wallet. It seems to be well constructed and I love its simplicity. I hope to be carrying it with me for many years to come!

  7. Johnnie Valadez (verified owner)

    Handcrafted leather made in the USA and durable long lasting! Buffalo billfold company wallets are the best wallets to own if your looking for a product that will last.

  8. dave collins (verified owner)

    wore my last buffalo biker billfold out after 8 yrs. held up so well didn’t even look at any other billfolds just ordered one just like my last one thankyou for a high quality product I tell everyone where I got mine

  9. Carlos Mendoza (verified owner)

    I just received my wallet today and I’m so impressed with the craftsmanship! The wallet is built like a tank and will hold for a long time. Redwing Heritage you’re in trouble!

  10. Rycky (verified owner)

    Love it silky smooth
    Solid construction
    Looks great !!

  11. Terry Blacksher (verified owner)

    This is an excellent quality made item. Beautifully crafted with great looking leather and durable hardware. This billfold will surely last a lifetime!!

  12. Cindy S. (verified owner)

    I order the biker wallet for my son for his birthday. It is well made out of durable materials. I feel that it will stand the test of time and he loves it too! The quality for the price is outstanding.

  13. Laura Dahlheimer (verified owner)

    I love the simplicity, quality and durability of this wallet. I like the design very much. I ,however, removed the chain and added a wrist strap for a wristlet wallet. It is perfect for my needs and I am happy with my purchase. It also looks pretty snazzy this way.

  14. Abraham (verified owner)

    just received my wallet in the mail today when I took it out of the box seems really durable snaps lock in like vise clamps solid construction nice size chain and thick leather used on the wallet andon the belt loop plan to have this wallet for many years to come thanks again one of the few things made in America that is built to last

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