Buffalo Leather Wallets & Billfolds

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Buffalo Leather Wallets & Billfolds Made in USA – Handmade and Built to last.

We handcraft Buffalo leather wallets & billfolds made in USA. These Bison leather wallets are tough & durable. Our wallets and billfolds are so strong because they’re made with Full Grain Leather from American Bison hides. Using Full Grain Leather in our wallets and billfolds is important because we want to make long lasting wallets. We make long lasting products so you can focus on life rather than shopping!  And we definitely make long lasting wallets and billfolds since some customers have returned after 30+ years to purchase their 2nd bison leather wallet!

Buffalo Leather Wallets & Billfolds – Buffalo Billfolds built to last

You won’t find buffalo leather wallets like ours anywhere because our leather is a work of art in itself. We’ve developed our full grain leather tanning recipes over 45 years because we want to bring you something special. We use this high quality American Bison leather in our handmade leather wallets and handmade billfolds. Our leather wallets extra strong and durable because of this bison leather. You can be assured that our bison leather wallets and bill folds are time tested and built to last.

A Variety of Buffalo Leather Wallets & Billfolds: Money Clip Wallets, Leather Bifold Wallets, Leather Trifold Wallets, Leather Hipster Wallets

Customers like our leather two fold wallets, three fold wallets, and other varieties of bison leather wallets and bill fold because of their classic and modern designs and sizes. We offer medium leather wallets, large leather wallets, small front pocket wallets, checkbook wallets and money clip wallets. The wallets and bill fold come in black, brown and some leather goods come in russet red.  Our handmade leather wallets and mens leather billfolds have bill slots, credit card slots, ID windows, and checkbook register holders. Your buffalo leather wallets will last long and develop an amazing patina as they age!

Bison Leather Wallets & Billfolds Made in USA

We have a variety of handmade buffalo leather wallets & billfolds Made in the USA. This isn’t a new trend for us. We’ve been crafting handmade leather wallets since 1972. We create all sorts of handmade American Made mens leather wallets and bill fold, women’s leather wallets, leather money clip wallets, leather chain wallets. It’s important that we find the best pieces of leather for our full grain buffalo leather wallets. We cut and sew these pieces of full grain leather to bring you leather wallets and billfolds that are strong, durable, rugged and time tested. We keep our leather wallet billfold made in the USA because we want to provide jobs in America. That’s just how we roll. And it’s how we bring you the best leather wallets and bill fold!

Billfold Wallet Billfold crafted from Full Grain Bison Leather

Billfolds don’t get stronger than this. Each Buffalo Billfold Wallet is handmade using the toughest leather. These are the best leather bill fold around. Full grain leather is not the same as top grain leather. A full grain leather bill fold retains all of the natural fibers and grains from the very top of the leather. This means that all of the natural markings of the Bison leather remain. Top grain leather wallets and bill folds would have these strong fibers sanded off. And American Bison leather, or buffalo leather, is very strong, making it ideal to use in handmade leather billfolds.

Billfold Wallet - Full Grain Leather - Made in USA

Full Grain Leather from the American Bison. Our Buffalo Billfold Wallet is handmade using this leather. A bill fold crafted using full grain leather will last a very long time.