Black Leather

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Black Leather – We Use Full Grain American Bison Leather

Good quality black leather can be hard to find these days. The black leather that we use in our leather goods comes from American Bison who were raised by American Ranchers. We use full grain bison leather because it’s the best type of leather available. Full grain leather contains all of the natural markings and textures of the American Bison because it hasn’t been sanded off. Sanding leather makes it weaker since it removes the dense portion of the grain structure. The leather we get from hides is the best around.

Black Leather Goods

If you’re looking for leather goods that are black, this is the place to be. We’ve been adding black products to our line of leather goods for some time now, so you should be able to find black wallets, billfolds, purses belts and more. Our products are handcrafted, made in the USA, and built to last.