Custer Buffalo Round Up, Road Notes

Custer Buffalo Round Up

Many people throughout the ages have sought a vision that includes seeking the Great White Buffalo. We go to the Custer Buffalo Roundup. This festival is a delightful blend of locals and tourists, witnessing the roundup and culling of the herd. No where can you enjoy more realistic western action that at this festival.

Cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo queens all show up to celebrate! It signals the end of the tourist season and the anxieties of a tourist driven economy are left far behind.

We were startled to find a small stampede of four buffalo within 40 yards of our booth! Whips a crackin, full galloping cowboys (including our friend Chad Kremer) steering the buffalo off their intended course, of straight down our pathway. Saving us from having an event like Pampaloma Spain.

If you are in search of true western mystique’, it starts at the Custer Buffalo Round Up. The festival features a full size circus tent complete with sound stage and dance floor. In past years I recall playing Robert Johnson and Bukka White tunes while people do a western “two step” in wild abandon (leave your inhibitions and ego’s at the gate).

Hats of to Custer State Park, Kristi & Allen Scott, Craig Pugsley, Dee McCarthy and all the others that make this a remarkable event!

We rekindled friendships with past acquaintances and enjoyed building new ones.

We packed up and headout down the road, having sought our own vision…. at a badlands outpost we came across a prairie dog town. In the middle of fifty prairie dogs sat an albino prairie dog. Vision quest?, well close enough.

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