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Buffalo Leather Money Clips Made in USA

Our leather money clips are handcrafted and made in the USA! Our mens money clips are the best money clips because they are made from the best high quality American Bison leather. We make our mens money clips from full grain leather because it’s the strongest type of leather. These unique buffalo leather money clips are time tested and built to last. Our thin money clips come in various styles and colors. These slim money clips are thin enough to fit in your pocket so you can go about your day without the pressure of feeling a bulky wallet. Give one of our unique thin money clips a try today!

Handmade slim leather money clips

Our slim money clips are handmade piece by piece. We handpick each piece of leather and use strong 69 sized thread. Leathersmiths sew with great attention to detail to bring you some of the coolest, most durable, best money clips available today.

Unique leather money clips with durable hardware

We use the best hardware in our buffalo leather money clips because we want them to last a long time. These thin money clips have unique mechanical clips that don’t wear out. Customers can easily slide the clip out and tighten it or loosen it to achieve the desired tension. We also make magnetic clips using strong magnets. The magnetic money clip uses strong magnets to ensure your bills stay put. We make our leather mens money clips from Bison leather since it’s strong and durable!

Slim leather money clips for men

You can easily slip these slim money clips in your front pocket or your suit coat because they’re so thin. But that doesn’t mean they can’t hold a lot! Buffalo Billfold Company leatherworkers craft these slim leather clips using a very stretchy part of Bison hide so you can, slowly and incrementally, stuff the credit card pockets with cards. Customers have packed these money clips with cards and stretched them up to almost one inch. That’s just one of the things that makes these the best money clips out there!

A variety of thin leather money clips

We have two money clips styles with some different variations. These types of money clips include one with a mechanical clip and the other with a magnet. Our slim money clips come in two different colors. We have brown money clips and black money clips. All made from strong full grain leather.

Buffalo leather money clips for men and women

These buffalo leather money clips can be used by both men and women. Men often like to use these slim money clips to cut down on the bulk of a traditional wallet. You can easily toss these unique clips in your front, back, or coat pocket. These buffalo leather money clips even work well in a suit when you need to look sharp.