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Leather Crossbody Purses

This selection of leather crossbody purses is handmade from American Bison leather. Each of these purses comes in black and brown leather. We offer small, medium and large sizes so you’ll be able to find something that fits you! Some of these purses and bags have phone pockets to store anything from an android to an iPhone. Our smallest womens leather purse, the HMK, is a perfect size for kids, tweens, or adults that want something smaller for going out.


We create each of our handmade crossbody purses from the best handpicked pieces of full grain leather. Each bag is skived and sewn by hand. We hand roll the edges of these bags to give them a smooth edge that wears well over time. We’ve been making womens purses by hand since 1972. Once you toss one of these bags across your shoulder you’ll see just how well it feels as it drapes across your body.

Made in USA

We handcraft these crossbody bags at our leatherworks in Worthington, MN. We draw from our community to find and train leathersmiths. The black and brown leather in our leather goods comes from custom tanned hides from American Bison, over 95% born and raised in the USA. Our leather crossbody purses are Made in USA and built to last.