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Leather Travel Purse


Small Leather Purse (The HMK)


Mens Coin Purse – Leather – Snap Closure


Trim Style Purse – Handmade Leather Purse with Side Nickel


Dakota Buffalo Leather Purse


Leather Zipper Clutch Purse


KW Buffalo Leather Purse – Cross Body Purse


Small Leather Pouch – Giddy Up Clutch Purse


Bisonette Buffalo Leather Purse


Trim Style Purse


Trim Style Purse Buffalo Applique


Handmade Leather Purse


Leather Expedition Bag

Black Buffalo Leather Purse - Made in USA - Buffalo Billfold Company
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Black Buffalo Leather Purse


Leather Wrist Strap


Utility Tote Bag


Black Leather Crossbody Purse – Silver Dollar


Limited Edition Black Buffalo Leather Purses


Leather Purses and Bags

Our Buffalo Leather Purses and Bags are handmade using American Bison full grain leather. The buffalo leather used in our purses is unique because we use our own custom tanning recipes. Customers say our leather is some of the best around since we’ve perfecting our recipes over decades. We have produced some of the toughest and most durable leather, which we use in our handmade purses. It is also beautiful, becomes more beautiful with age, and feels soft from day one. We make these buffalo leather bags ourselves at our leather workshop. We can proudly say each purse is entirely made in USA. The leather smiths at the Buffalo Billfold Company have been handcrafting leather purses and bags since 1972. These American Leather Purses are built to last.

Handmade Leather Purses for Women

There is more to creating a quality handmade leather purse than meets the eye. Each purse style is carefully designed to be both elegant and practical. We take equal care when handcrafting these purses. Handpicking each piece of leather that goes into our womens purses is an art. We choose leather for each piece a purse based on it’s texture, quality and coloring. And we take great care in stitching the leather in each purse to ensure its durability. The handbag purse strap is crafted from this same durable Bison leather. We always use the strongest hardware because we want to make sure they last a long time! These handmade leather purses for women are handcrafted from American Bison leather.

Womens Leather Purse Made in USA

We handcraft women’s purses from buffalo leather at our shop in Worthington, MN. They are made by women, and many styles were designed by women as well! We design, make, and sell all from our workshop right here in Minnesota. Our leather bags truly are American Made. If you stop by our store, you will see us hard at work! We make womens Buffalo purses and handbags here because we want to provide quality jobs for our local community. Quality also matters a lot to us! Keeping each purse Made in USA allows us to be the final quality check before we proudly ship these Buffalo purses to you.