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Buffalo Leather Keychains - Brown & Black - Made in USA
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Buffalo Leather Keychains – Black & Brown

Buffalo Leather Keychain - Black - Made USA
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Buffalo Leather Keychain – Black


Handmade Leather Keychains – Made in USA

Our leather keychains make dashing out of the house fun! Everyone’s on the go these days and keys are part of our lives. Keys get tossed around, shoved in pockets and purses and lost. Wouldn’t it be nice to grab on to a solid piece of durable full grain leather next time you reach for them? Most keychains slowly fall apart over time. Not ours. Our leather only gets more beautiful with repeated use. In 20 years, you’re going to look at its gorgeous patina and wish it you’d been using it for 40 years. Our leather keychains are handmade in USA and built to last.