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Jr Legal Pad Cover (Holds 5×7 Legal Pad)


Handmade Leather Goods

Our handmade leather goods are crafted from American Bison leather. We go to extra lengths to make sure each and every leather product we make is high quality. Our skilled leathersmiths carefully oversee every aspect of the process: designing products, cutting the leather, sewing, add the finishing touches and even shipping. It is a joy to handcraft these beautiful and functional products. We take great pride in our work. As a result, there is nothing else quite like our handmade leather products. Our Buffalo leather goods are even more sustainable than cowhide products!

Made in USA

We have been handcrafting leather goods at our Minnesota workshop since 1972. In a world of ruthlessly cheap imports, we are proud to offer a long lasting, American Made alternative. Whether you’re looking for an heirloom quality purse, the perfect wallet to give as a gift, or just a belt for the everyday, our handmade leather products will surpass your great expectations! Our handmade leather goods are always made in USA and built to last.

Sustainable Leather Goods

Our leather goods are sustainable because of the type of leather we use. Our leather comes from the American Bison which boasts many beneficial and sustainable qualities. Besides providing extra benefits like wool production, Bison also emit less CO2 pound for pound than cattle.